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Veterans Park

The newest park in the Town, constructed in 2000 and located next to the RR tracks on Main Street, at the location of the former Lancey House. This park has over 857 Pittsfield veterans, from the Revolutionary War to the present on it’s honor roll. The list of names for the stones was compiled by Arthur Dewey.

Thanks to the American Legion, Burns W. Knowlton Jr Post and the Ladies Auxiliary.

A document listing Pittsfield veterans of American Wars from the Civil War to the Vietnam War, in printable pdf format is here. It was collated by Tom Brown from various sources.

The Veterans Park memorial as it appeared in 2005. Click on any of the six photos below to enlarge and to read the text on the stones.

With the help of PHS members Tom Brown and Jane Woodruff, in 2015 the Maine Historical Society created a section entitled Civil War Soldiers Impact Pittsfield on the Maine Memory Network.

Vietnam War veterans listed.

Main Stone – Armed Services and veterans listed.
Civil War – WWI – WWII

WWII veterans listed, cont.

Korean Conflict veterans listed.

Revolutionary War veterans listed.
War of 1812 veterans listed.
Spanish American War veterans listed.

Post Vietnam War veterans listed.

Original Version: 29-Dec-05.

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