Pittsfield Vision Statement 1999


 Written 1999

 The mission of the Town of Pittsfield is to provide a safe, attractive and affordable community in which to live, learn, work and play. Pittsfield will strive to offer an unexcelled quality of life characterized by a diverse array of rewarding employment opportunities, a superior public education system, a broad range of recreational amenities and a caring citizenry. The Town’s desirable quality of life will be made possible through a cohesive community vision, a thriving economic base and spirited volunteer involvement.

Tomorrow’s Pittsfield will be a safe, clean and friendly place in which to live, learn, work and play. It will be a highly desirable and attractive, well-kept town in which a diverse population can live affordably and find rewarding employment. Neighbors in Pittsfield will know one another and look out for one another’s welfare. The citizenry as a whole will be vigilant over the town’s cherished quality of life, taking conscious steps to both nurture and protect it.

The school system will be a central focus of community life, tied closely with positive youth programs, life-long involvement in learning and civic affairs, and affirmative community values. The town council, SAD#53 board and MCI will work effectively as a team in providing quality education at an affordable price.

Pittsfield will serve as a vibrant regional employment center, with a healthy combination of industrial, service and retail operations providing a solid economic base with which to finance household and community needs.

Basic essentials, including groceries, hardware and clothing, will be provided primarily by locally-owned businesses who offer a friendly, attractive and responsive shopping opportunity within traditionally styled buildings. The town’s thriving downtown area will contain a variety of services clustered within a comfortable walking distance, while Somerset Plaza will serve as a vital commercial area easily accessible by vehicle.

Facilities such as the hospital, airport and rail system will bolster Pittsfield’s standing as a regional service center. Both residents and commuters will be aware of their role in fostering a strong local economy and will do most of their shopping in Pittsfield’s stores. The town will have a clear policy regarding the characteristics desired in new or expanded Pittsfield businesses, and play an active role in working to develop or keep such businesses here.

Pittsfield will be noted for its beauty — its attractive tree-lined streets, well-maintained properties, historic buildings, expansive in-town parks and clean bodies of water. The main entrances to Pittsfield will provide an attractive first impression to visitors who will see that this is a town of exceptionally high quality.

Growth will be managed carefully to preserve the town’s attractive appearance, open space, commercial viability, efficient service delivery and productive rural lands. Residential and commercial sprawl will be discouraged, with the density in rural Pittsfield kept low. Pittsfield’s fertile rural land will continue to support agricultural uses and wildlife habitat, preserving food production capability, a healthy ecosystem and access to nature for future generations.

Pittsfield will be distinguished by its diverse recreational and cultural opportunities, including those offered by its community center, theater, library, ski area, snowmobile trails, bowling alley, golf course, river, ponds and parks.

Residing in town will be a popular choice for those employed here, allowing for a closely-knit community in which civic involvement is widespread and appreciated. While holding a strong local focus, Pittsfield’s residents will also view themselves as interactive members of a global community and will seek out opportunities for cultural and economic exchange.

Local government will be managed cost-effectively, with public matters handled in an open, efficient, fair and caring manner. Townspeople will be aware of town and school affairs, willingly participate in policy and spending decisions, and feel comfortable that they are in control of their community. All residents will both receive and feel that they receive a fair share of town services for taxes paid.

Pittsfield will have a positive public image and self-esteem. The community as a whole will achieve high behavioral and attitudinal standards, which, together with a skilled police force, will deter crime and substance abuse in the community. Young adults will take advantage of positive activities to channel their energies constructively. The community will continue to work toward raising the standard of living for all of its residents.

Perhaps most importantly, Pittsfield will continue to be a place its residents are proud to call “home.”

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