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Pinnacle Park

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Kiwanis Ski Slope

Initially operated by the Kiwanis Club, it was called the “Kiwanis Slope”. December, 1962 photo;
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Walter's Map 1960

Pinnacle in 1972
The Pinnacle slopes in 1972, showing the Ski Jump.

This park is located on and adjacent to an unusual geological bluff adjacent to the Sebasticook River. It is bordered on two sides by Hartland and Waverly Avenues and was originally attached to the J.W. Parks Golf Course across Hartland Avenue. The Parks family donated both the Pinnacle Park (which was its summer camp and hunting lodge) and the golf course, to Maine Central Institute. MCI has leased the Pinnacle Park section to the Town since the mid-1950’s. The Pinnacle Park Ski Club has managed the property for the Town at no cost since approximately 1955. Commonly called “The Pinnacle,” the Park offers a very popular winter sporting opportunity for Pittsfield’s youth, as many have learned to ski in this local, safe environment.

The park has several short alpine trails serviced by a rope tow. The clubhouse has rest rooms, a snack bar, fireplace and tables and benches. It is rented for private functions and in 1996-97 hosted the Easy Street coffeehouse.

There is a small outdoor skating rink adjacent to the Sebasticook River.

More about the history of Pinnacle Park and the Pinnacle Park Ski Club can be found at the club’s website: pinnacleskiclub.wordpress.com/history-of-the-pinnacle/

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