Pittsfield Historical Society’s
Milestones and Memories
An 80-page booklet celebrating Pittsfield’s 175th year (1994).
This index page contains thumbnails of the pages.
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Cover and Inside Cover

Page 1, Intro.

Pages 2 through 6, “Pittsfield 1794-1994”

Page 7, Willard Lehr reminiscing in 1980.

Pages 8 & 9, photos of Main Street.

Page 10, Everett Connors page.
Page 11, Lancey House in 1906.

Pages 12 & 13, Lancey House history and pictures from 1965 fire aftermath.

Pages 14 & 15, Lancey House photos through history.

Page 16, Lancey House in 1965.
Pages 17, Lancey House was his home, interview with Willard Lehr.

Page 18, The Pinnacle aerial photo from 1962.
Page 19, story of demolition of water tower.

Pages 20 & 21, “Ski Chatter” from the Pinnacle.

Page 22, Bud’s Shop’n Save ad with history.
Pages 23, Library page.

Pages 24 & 25, Library nostalgia series.

Page 26, Edwards/GS Building Systems ad with history.
Pages 27, Memories (old photos).

Pages 28 & 29, old photos.

Page 30-31, old photos.

Pages 32-33, current (1994) photos.

Pages 34 & 35, Demolition of Better Homes Discount Center, the old Hathorn barn, with photos.

Page 36-37, Early telephone jobs; Tuesday Club centennial.

Pages 38-39, Maine X-Ray ad, Michael Lynch ad.

Pages 40 & 41, 175th Anniversary Schedule of events.

Page 42, TJ’s Sportswear ad, Wright’s Emporium ad.

Pages 43 & 44, Pittsfield Fire Department 100 years.

Pages 45 & 46, Fire Department old photos, 1975 photo.

Pages 47 & 48, Pittsfield’s Schools photos.

Pages 49-50, Pittsfield’s Schools photos.

Page 51, 25 years ago, sesquicentennial queen contenders.
Page 52, Sesqui beard and mustache contest photos.

Page 53, “Sesqui-Style” dress photos.
Page 54, Peter Vigue in the “Sesqui-Jail”.

Pages 55-56, 1907 photos from Souvenir of Pittsfield, ME; Union Hall & Grange; Park St. & MCI.

Page 57-58, 1907 photos from Souvenir of Pittsfield, ME; Lancey St. & Main St.; Drug store, Pioneer Woolen Mill.

Pages 59, Sebasticook Valley Hospital ad.

Pages 60-61, Selectmen & Town Council, 1970 – 1994.

Page 62-63, The Walter Morrill story.

Pages 64-65, 1880 map of Town of Pittsfield & Map of Pittsfield Village.

Pages 66-67, History of Bowling in Pittsfield.

Page 68-69, Ads for: Bangor Daily News, C. Jones, Pitter-Patter, Merrill Merchants Bank.

Pages 70-71, Ads for: E.D. Call & Sons Memorials and Leland Inman Real Estate ads; Security Fence, Boufard’s Wallpaper & Floor Coverings, John’ Exxon, Burky, Wiers & McCarthy Attorneys.

Pages 72-73, Ads for: Rings Clothing, Taking Care of Business, Ames Whittemore Centuy 21, Afred P. Bachrach Attorney ads; C.M. Almy & Sons, C.R. Philbrick & Sons.

Page 74-75, Ads for: Sebasticook Club, Northern States Tire, ‘N Everything Nice Pastry Shoppe, Pantom Comics & Goodwin’s Country Crafts ads; Corrianders, Pittsfield Woolen Yarns, Lehr Insurance Agency, Kleinschmidt Associates.

Pages 76-77, Ads for: Pittsfield Plumbing, Richard F. Dutting Associates Consulting Engineers; Cianbro, Easy Street Coffee House, Connie’s Beauty Shoppe.

Pages 78, Ad for: Skowhegan Saving Bank.
Pages 79 Dedication; Thanks to Sponsors.

Page 80, Endpiece, Valley Graphics, 1994.


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