Pittsfield Historical Society’s
History of Pittsfield

Pittsfield’s Dates of Note

Compiled by Don Hallenbeck for the Pittsfield Historical Society.

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Dates are in the format year.mo.da

1615.00.00Wawenocks Indian War

Date: year.mo.da Event
1775.00.00 First settler Lovel Fairbrother in Sebasticook (Pittsfield), A.K.A. Governor of Sebasticook (unofficial)
1779.00.00 British threaten Biguyduce (Castine)
1795.00.00 Moses Martin comes to Pittsfield with his family.
1800.00.00 First frame house built near current Exxon station, corner Easy and Main Streets by George Brown
1800.00.00 First Sawmill built on Edwards Co. plant land
1800.00.00 Squire Weymouth comes to Pittsfield. Son ‘Elder’ Weymouth helps found MCI
1806.00.00 First stage coach service to Bangor
1814.00.00 Jessie Connor comes to Pittsfield
1814.00.00 William Parks comes to town
1816.00.00 David Pushor comes to Pittsfield
1816.07.04 First petition to state of Massachusetts to become Town of Perry
1818.00.00 Phillip Powers comes to town and settles on Powers Corner or Powers Rd.
1819.06.19 Act of Incorporation enacted, now known as Warsaw (town number 234)
1819.07.26 David Pushor first tax collector
1819.07.26 Vote to separate from Massachusetts (32-0 in favor)
1820.04.00 44 vote cast for Maine’s first governor, William King
1820.04.00 John Wyman representative to General Court
1823.00.00 Benjamin Eaton first representative to legislature from Pittsfield.
1823.00.00 First spirituous liquor license.
1824.00.00 Col. William Lancey comes To Pittsfield
1824.00.00 Name of town changed to Pittsfield
1827.00.00 Palmyra annexes the ” L”
1829.00.00 First burying ground established on what is now Hathorn Park
1830.00.00 Parks Homestead built (now MCI North Campus and golf course)
1832.00.00 Going Hathorn comes to Pittsfield.
1852.00.00 Penobscot & Kennebec Railroad Company comes to Pittsfield
1854.00.00 Penobscot & Kennebec Railroad Company comes to Pittsfield
1854.11.00 Railroad completed as far as Waterville.
1855.06.04 Baptist Church formed.
1855.07.02 First train to Waterville from Pittsfield
1855.07.23 First train to Bangor from Pittsfield.
1860.00.00 Maine & Pittsfield send recruits to Civil War by train
1862.10.28 Maine Central Railroad Company formed
1866.00.00 Maine Central Institute founded.
1866.08.30 MCI opens for first term with 83 students
1867.00.00 Grange Hall, Pioneer Mill, Union Hall, and Grand Army of the Republic built
1867.00.00 Local paper, ladies underwear factory, pants factory, harness shop, brickyard, Masonic Lodge, Lodge of Good Templars, and IOOF established
1867.06.24 Money for seminary building voted
1868.00.00 Lancey House built by Isaac Lancey
1877.00.00 First record egg: 6.5″ X 8
1877.00.00 MCI bell presented by H. Warren Lancey.
1882.04.00 Pittsfield Advertiser first published (price: 35 cents/year)
1882.07.00 Spring 1869 MCI opens for first full course of 4 terms, 10 weeks each in Institute Building
1882.07.00 Union Hall built
1883.00.00 Two large woolen mills, two lumber mills, railroad to Hartland, electric power plant, large clothing factory, community water works, sewer system built and established.
1883.00.00 Union Hall opened
1884.00.00 First steam engine comes to Pittsfield; located in basement of Union Hall to pump water from the mill pond, later installed at the Advertiser.
1885.00.00 Col. Morrill establishes a livery stable at the Lancey House.
1886.00.00 New dormitory built at MCI
1886.00.00 Pants factory established. Makes 1800 pairs/week.
1886.04.00 Sebasticook & Moosehead Railway proposed
1886.11.00 Sebasticook & Moosehead railway opens for business
1888.00.00 Work begun on Lancey St. Grammar School
1889.00.00 First National Bank organized.
1890.00.00 Bridge and street donated to town by William Hunnewell
1891.00.00 Douglas Dam built
1892.00.00 Bryant & Woodruff steam woodworking mill built
1892.00.00 Waverly Mill built
1893.00.00 Tuesday Club organized
1893.04.11 Waverly Mill dedicated.
1893.08.00 Col. Morrill opens Union Trotting Park at site of current airport.
1894.00.00 Steam heat installed in Union Hall
1894.00.00 Town votes 104 – 7 to own Pittsfield Water Works.
1895.01.00 Water pumping machinery set in motion for first time.
1896.00.00 Death of Robert Dobson.
1896.00.00 First recorded flood in Pittsfield from 72 hours of rain. Washes out country roads and small bridges.
1896.00.00 Llewellyn Powers nominated for governor.
1896.00.00 Second floor of Institute Building finished into a public hall.
1897.02.22 Dedication of MCI second floor hall named for Gov. Powers.
1897.02.22 Second flood.
1898.03.00 Isaac Lancey Passes away
1898.04.00 William K. Lancey passes away
1898.06.14 Manson Prize for Orations started (Manson Prize Speaking), won by H. L. Cornforth, speaking on “Annexation of Hawaii.”
1898.08.01 Town votes to have electric street lights
1899.00.00 Universalist Church renovated
1899.09.20 Highway labor rate: 17 cents/hour man or oxen
1899.09.20 Steven Kendall first delegate to Constitutional Convention in Portland, Maine
1899.12.06 State constitution ratified: vote: 19-0 in favor
1901.00.00 Heavy snow this season.
1901.00.00 Sebasticook & Moosehead Railway snowed in.
1901.00.00 Third flood in Pittsfield; less damage than in 1897.
1903.00.00 Further development at (old) Ringwood; construction of a dance pavilion
1903.00.00 New home for Pittsfield Public Library built on site of T. G. Lancey’s old carriage shop
1903.00.00 St. Agnes Church founded.
1904.02.00 Grange Hall dedicated.
1904.06.00 Public Library Building and Soldier’s Monument dedicated.
1904.11.00 First services at St. Agnes Church.
1904.11.00 Grammar School on N. Lancey St. completed
1905.00.00 Death of William Dobson.
1905.03.00 Bank moves to Connor Block at corner of Main and Central Streets.
1905.04.00 Fire West Side of Main Street. Much property damage no reported deaths.
1906.08.00 Train wreck on the main line below Farnham Brook; one dead, several injured
1906.10.00 Lancey House Hotel burns for first time. Loss: $25,000
1907.00.00 Souvenir edition of Pittsfield published by A. J. Loder
1908.00.00 Death of Oramel Murray (former postmaster) announced
1908.00.00 Death of Jesse Connor announced.
1908.00.00 West side of Main Street rebuilt, started with C. E. Vickery block.
1909.00.00 First movie theater located on Park Street in the area of the town office.
1910.00.00 Death of D. M. Parks (former fire chief) announced
1910.00.00 Death of Orin S. Haskell (established the Pittsfield Advertiser 1882) announced
1910.00.00 Death of A. P. McMaster announced
1911.00.00 Lancey House repaired; operations resume
1911.01.00 Fire destroys Connor Block and T. E. Getchell Hardware.
1912.01.00 Fire destroys North Side of Main Street from T. E. Getchell Hardware to N. L. Perkins Block.
1913.00.00 Death of N. L. Perkins (merchant) announced.
1913.00.00 Fire strikes Main St. again. This time on the corner of Park and Main Streets.
1913.00.00 MCI builds new girls dormitory
1913.00.00 Militia organized, L. O. Haskell Capt.
1913.00.00 Otis M. Vinning American Legion Post organized.
1913.00.00 West side of Main St. cleared of fire damaged buildings and rebuilt.
1914.00.00 Central Maine Power founded through sale of Sebasticook Power Co. and four others.
1914.00.00 Death of C.B. Haskell – former publisher of the Advertiser, former deputy sheriff; former U.S. deputy marshall, former postmaster – announced.
1914.11.00 Dobsons Mills sold to American Woolen Co.
1915.00.00 Death of Naaman Corey, retired night watchman (policeman) and tax collector announced.
1915.00.00 Death of Gordon Dobson (builder of Dobson Mills),
1915.00.00 Death of Preston Hersey (builder of Lancey House)
1917.00.00 American Woolen Co. purchases Riverside Mill.
1917.00.00 Pittsfield Trust Co. goes bankrupt.
1917.00.00 WW I begins
1919.00.00 Centennial Celebration — 100 years of Pittsfield as a town.
1920.00.00 Hathorn Park proposed — to became first municipal park
1922.00.00 Earle E. Friend opens branch of Friend & Friend Garage in present location
1923.00.00 Elizabeth Pierce Lancey DAR places marker at old Moses Martin homestead
1924.00.00 Community Hospital opened.
1924.00.00 Town purchases new fire truck cost $5,000
1925.00.00 First aircraft medical call
1925.07.00 Pittsfield site of a conference of 14 governors
1927.12.00 Boy’s dorm at MCI destroyed by fire
1928.00.00 First gas and fuel co. organized
1928.00.00 New Dorm, Alumni Hall, built and dedicated.
1928.00.00 Old Dr. Blanchard House (No. 1 N. Main St.) purchased for St. Agnes Rectory
1929.00.00 First talking pictures come to Pittsfield
1929.12.00 Hubbard’s Garage (now home to Valley Graphics) destroyed by fire.
1933.00.00 Airport proposed.
1933.00.00 Death of Dr. E. C. Bryant announced
1933.00.00 Death of Alee McNabb announced
1933.00.00 Death of Benjamin S. Mathews announced
1933.00.00 Death of George M. Parks announced
1933.00.00 Death of Capt. William Ross announced
1933.00.00 Death of George G. Gage announced
1933.00.00 Eighteen head of cattle destroyed when Powers Homestead burns to ground.
1933.00.00 fire destroys Lehr Block Loss $15,000
1933.00.00 Pittsfield National Bank closes.
1933.00.00 Vickery Block damaged badly by fire.
1935.00.00 A. L. Thorndike first town manager.
1935.00.00 Airport established at site of old Union Trotting Park.
1935.00.00 L. A. DYSART opens 5 & 10 store.
1935.00.00 Town changes to town manager form.
1936.00.00 A. L. Thorndike resigns as town manager
1936.00.00 C. R. Ames appointed town manager.
1936.00.00 Craig Coal Co. sold to Lyle McCrillis.
1936.00.00 Fire damages Union Hall; damage estimated at $40,000.
1936.00.00 Fourth flood, Main St. bridges had to be blown up to allow passages for ice cakes.
1936.00.00 Parks Memorial Gym completed at MCI.
1939.00.00 Death of Rev. Milo G. Folsom announced.
1939.00.00 Death of Eugene Powers announced
1939.00.00 Death of C. E. Vickery announced.
1939.00.00 Death of H. F. Libby announced
1939.00.00 Death of T. G. Lancey announced
1939.00.00 Deaths of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Getchall announced
1939.00.00 Farm fire on Grove Hill.
1939.00.00 First Eagle Boy Scout from troop #128.
1940.00.00 CMP opens company Store on Main Street.
1940.00.00 Kiwanis organized, Dr. M. A. Webber first president (4-23).
1940.00.00 Pittsfield enters WW II
1941.00.00 Civil defense unit organized; volunteers for observation posts called for (Lancey House Hotel was the first post)
1941.00.00 Death E. N. Shaw (merchant) announced
1941.00.00 Death J. W. Manson (lawyer) announced
1941.00.00 Death J. N. Tarbell announced
1941.00.00 Death of E. D. Cal1 (cementary sexton) announced
1944.00.00 Death of William McGilvery announced
1945.00.00 Advertiser sold to J. R. Cianchette
1945.00.00 Lancey House bought by J. R. Cianchette
1945.00.00 Training for Medwed Shoes, occupants of Old Waverly Mill, Started (Jan.).
1945.08.00 `VJ Day bonfire to celebrate end of war.
1946.00.00 J. R. Cianchette builds sawmill on Lower Peltoma Ave. and begins housing project in a hay field off Peltoma Avenue to be called Peltoma Acres.; project reviewed by Sen. Margaret Chase Smith.
1946.00.00 Machine shop opens in what is now MCI Ruth Plummer Cook music building.
1946.00.00 Rev. Josephine Folsom dies just after announcing her retirement due to ill health.
1947.00.00 Construction begun on Manson Park six years after the death of J. W. Manson.
1947.00.00 Death of James LaGorio (merchant and politician) announced
1947.00.00 Peltoma Acres project completed. Open house held in May.
1947.00.00 Pittsfield Woolen Yarns Co., Inc. organized.
1947.00.00 Robert Parker, O.D., opens office in Pittsfield.
1947.00.00 Thrifty Store opens on Main Street (now Ken’s Restaurant).
1947.00.00 Wright’s Dairy opens pasteurization plant on Highland Ave.
1947.00.00 Wright’s Dry Cleaners established
1948.00.00 Addition made by J. R. Cianchette to Grammar School on N. Lancey St.
1948.00.00 Medwed Shoe Factory opens for production.
1948.00.00 Preliminary work completed at Manson Park; first program 282 young people attended.
1949.00.00 John Woodcock, D.V.M., comes to town.
1950.00.00 A&P comes to Pittsfield.
1950.00.00 C. G. Milliken sells shoddy mill to a group of investors headed by J. R. Cianchett.
1950.00.00 Fendler Tilton Motors occupies old P. E. Susi Shop on S. Main St. and becomes Fendler-Tilton Dodge
1950.00.00 Parks Bros. Insurance Agency merges with Sanger M. Cook Agency to become Vickery & Lehr Agency.
1951.00.00 Waverly Bridge rebuilt and dedicated to Pittsfield people who died in Korean Conflict
1952/53 L & H Chevrolet established,
1952.00.00 Ernest W. Stein, M.D. comes to Pittsfield to practice medicine.
1952.00.00 Manson Park School built
1952.00.00 Pool need discussed by Kiwanis.
1952.02.11 Calvary Baptist Church organized.
1953.07.00 Pool ready for use and dedicated
1953.09.19 Pioneer Mill closure announced by American Woolen Co.
1954.00.00 Building on Park St. purchased for Calvary Baptist Church.
1954.00.00 Textron takes control of American Woolen Co. in proxy fight in Dec.
1954.00.00 Vickery & Lehr becomes Lehr Agency.
1955.00.00 Body Shop added to L & H Chevrolet.
1955.00.00 Edwards Co. Pittsfield built.
1955.00.00 First National Bank moves to present quarters
1955.00.00 Pittsfield Truck And Farm becomes dealer for International Harvester Co. (now called Navistar).
1955.00.00 W. W. Lehr opens furniture store on Lower Burnham Rd.
1955.06.00 President Eisenhower visits Pittsfield
1955.10.25. Textron America signs papers to take control of American Woolen and old Pioneer Mill property.
1956.00.00 Edwards Co. comes to Pittsfield.
1956.00.00 Farrer’s Furniture becomes branch of New Central Furniture Co.
1956.00.00 Vickery School built
1957.00.00 J. R. Cianchette takes over theatre and remodels same
1957.00.00 J. R. Cianchette & Sons builds offices and shops on S. Main (current home to M. S. Hancock Lumber Co. Pittsfield Division.).
1958.10.00 Vickery School opened for classes
1959.00.00 Church of the Nazarene building erected.
1959.00.00 Cianchette Hall of Science built
1959.00.00 MCI acquires Industrial Arts Building from Quoddy
1959.00.00 MCI acquires Manson House for Headmaster’s House
1959.00.00 Nye property is temporary Music Center
1959.00.00 Plans to erect building to house Bud’s Supermarket announced by J. R. Cianchette.
1959.00.00 Powell Memorial Library built through bequest of Mrs. William H. Powel1 in memory of Judge Powell Class of 1885
1959.00.00 Riverside School bought by C. M. Almy & Sons (Church Goods).
1960.04.01 Plans for new hospital discussed
1961.00.00 Maine Fence Co. commences operations at old Forham Canning Factory
1961.00.00 Rowe Hall built at MCI
1961.07.00 Work on new hospital begun
1961.10.00 Sebasticook Valley Hospital cornerstone laid.
1962.00.00 MCI acquires old Parks Homestead
1962.00.00 Willard W. Lehr, Jr., and Burton G. Hammond combine agencies, move to Hunnewell Ave.
1963.00.00 Bowl-Rite Lanes opens.
1963.00.00 Embers Restaurant (former location of Kristinas) opens, David Mercier Owner/Cook
1963.03.03 Sebasticook Valley Hospital opens for business: Ernest D, Humphreys, M.D. named chief of staff
1964.00.00 I-95 opens in Maine Augusta – Houlton
1964.00.00 Park St. rebuilding suggested by State of Maine Dept. of Transportation.
1964.00.00 Pittsfield Drug Store announces closing Jan.
1964.00.00 Sewerage system and treatment plan discussed by selectmen.
1964.02.00 D. E. Olsen, publisher of Pittsfield Advertiser buys Leon Gordon Block to house Advertiser.
1964.02.00 First issue Pittsfield Pioneer Shopping Guide.
1964.02.00 Further discussion on Park St. issue
1964.02.05 First D.P.T. Clinic in Pittsfield.
1964.02.06 Pittsfield Advertiser moves to Gordon Block (also known as Harold’s Restaurant in later years, current site of parking lot for Cianbro Building on side next to Exxon gas station.)
1964.02.20 First National Bank adds rotating time/temperature clock to facade
1964.03.06 Dr. Ernest D. Humphrey passes away
1964.03.12 First anniversary of the hospital
1964.04.00 Dr. John Dow joins Sebasticook Valley Hospital
1964.04.00 Earl A. White new manager
1964.04.00 JCs chartered
1964.04.00 School superintendent William Springer retires
1964.04.00 Sumner Jones, Jr., temporary town manager
1964.05.00 Charles Tryder promoted to superintendent of Pittsfield schools
1964.05.00 Local doctors use two-way radios for first time
1964.07.00 JCs reorganize Boy Scouts
1964.07.00 Old hide plant on Sebasticook St. being torn down
1964.08.00 Grove Hill water tank erected
1964.08.00 Old Hunter McMaster store demolished by John McMann (now site of C. R. Philbrick & Sons Citgo station)
1964.09.00 Furniture Exchange moves from Main St. to Park St. warehouse
1964.09.00 Wright’s Food Center (now Wright’s Emporium) opens
1964.09.18 The Burnt Biscuit Bakery to open in Pittsfield
1964.10.08 Memorial land marker placed at entrance to Sebasticook Valley Hospital
1964.10.14 Sen. Ed Muskie tours Pittsfield
1964.10.31 I-95 open
1964.12.17 Annual Christmas concert at MCI
1965.00.00 Addition built onto Vickery School.
1965.10.30 Final fire at Lancey House Hotel; will not be rebuilt:
1965.00.00 Lawrence’s Flower Shop opens on Hartland Ave.
1965.00.00 Nye House rededicated as Hurd Infirmary; Bryant House used as dorm.
1965.01.00 MCI Winter Carnival, 1.29/30
1965.01.00 Pittsfield adds fluoride to water
1965.01.00 Pittsfield Advertiser 83 years old
1965.01.00 Tornado hits Somerset County (1.21)
1965.01.14 Bemis Meat Mkt. opens.
1965.02.00 Advertiser moves back to Hunnewell Ave. (area of Lehr Agency/Skowhegan Savings Bank parking lot)
1965.02.00 Cable TV proposed by editor of Advertiser
1965.02.00 Don’s Sunoco opens
1965.02.00 Lou’s Texaco opens (2.11)
1965.02.00 MCI tourney bound
1965.02.00 New restaurant, The Pine State, opens, replacing the Burnt Biscuit
1965.02.00 Ski tow at Pinnacle developed by Kiwanis Club
1965.02.15 Pittsfield Advertiser moves back to Hunnewell Ave.
1965.02.16 Karoldene Martin, MCI senior foul shot queen in state shoot off.
1965.03.11 Harvey Varney sports reporter for Advertiser
1965.03.11 Town says no surf boarding (skate boarding) in Pittsfield
1965.03.11. Town Reports for 1964 out
1965.03.18 Kiwanis holds Slave Auction
1965.03.25 Annual work week at MCI
1965.03.25 Record hop at Fish and Game Club for teens 13-18.
1965.04.00 Big real estate sale of properties in Pittsfield
1965.04.00 Edwards Company retires first employee
1965.04.00 James E. Hannigan new town manager
1965.04.01 Burnham Dam sold to Pittsfield Manufacturing Co. and Burnham Hydro Co. – both of Pittsfield
1965.04.01 Hospital founder plaque installed at SVH
1965.04.03 Edward’s Co. retires first employee.
1965.04.15 Drive-in theatre opens for season.
1965.04.15 Pittsfield Cadet Girl Scouts #310 host Stonington Girl Scouts
1965.04.22 Hathaway Shirt Co. advertising for female help from Pittsfield area
1965.04.22 Herman Realty offers seven properties for sale in Pittsfield. Offerings include airport land and hanger, warehouse on Railroad Street and current home of Hancock Lumber
1965.04.22 National Library Week April 25 – May 1
1965.04.22 US. Post Office housing plans for Pittsfield put out to bid
1965.04.22 Veterans of WW I Barracks 3210 meet at American Legion home on Waverly Ave. April 28
1965.04.29 American Bike Month announced for May 1965.
1965.04.29 Kiwanis plans 25th anniversary
1965.04.29 Little League and Babe Ruth tryouts announced
1965.04.29 Mill rate increases by 7
1965.05.00 Kiwanis celebrates silver anniversary in Pittsfield
1965.05.00 SARC interested in Hartland Ave. school and later acquires same. Named for Marie Bradford.
1965.05.00 Weymouth Cemetery to be restored
1965.05.06 Annual pop concert at MCI announced 5.13.65
1965.05.06 Athenaeum Club announces dance
1965.05.06 Girl Scout Troop #310 announces variety show
1965.05.06 Key Club Announces scholarship drive
1965.05.13 Pine State Restaurant closes.
1965.05.13 Tania Winsor named Somerset County Poultry Queen
1965.05.20 Pittsfield Advertiser sold; bought by Pittsfield Publishers, Inc.
1965.05.27 Young majorettes march in parade (Colleen Dunphy, Jill McGowan, Debbie Killiam, Tam Wright)
1965.05.27. Kiwanis celebrates 25th anniversary
1965.06.00 Fly-In held at Pittsfield Municipal Airport.
1965.06.00 Northeast Shoe joins union
1965.06.03 Vickery School band marches in Memorial Day parade.
1965.06.10 New’ Pittsfield street sweeper in action
1965.06.10 Leo Folsom Lands 22 ½ lb. cod at Boothbay Harbor.
1965.06.10 Rules for use of Manson Park announced
1965.06.17 Cianbro gets Vickery School bid
1965.06.17 Girl Scouts plan camping trip.
1965.06.17 JC’s build patio at hospital
1965.06.17 Pittsfield Youth Center buys pitching machine (sometimes referred to as an Iron Mike)
1965.06.17 Somerset Shopper (newspaper) established
1965.06.21 Kiwanis pool registration opens.
1965.06.24 Cianbro Realty Corp. gets contract for new post off ice
1965.06.24 JC’s plan auction
1965.06.24 Pittsfield Boy Scouts plan hike.
1965.07.01 New dugouts built at Legge’s Diamond, Hathorn Park.
1965.07.08 Kiwanis Karnival two weeks away (July 22–24)
1965.07.15 Band Missing Links to be featured at Karnival.
1965.07.15 Kiwanis sets out new benches
1965.07.15 Pittsfield Band reorganizing
1965.07.15 Pittsfield Tastee-Freez under new management, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Richardson
1965.07.15 Ryan Fendler to be Silver Dollar Plane Pilot
1965.07.22 Kiwanis Karnival gets underway
1965.07.22 Spencer R. Havey on Groton, Connecticut police department.
1965.07.29 Editorial on Manson Park by Sanger M. Cook.
1965.07.29 Hitching post for horses established at Tastee-Freez
1965.07.29 N. J. Karam passes away
1965.07.29 Questions on intentions with reference to Manson Park raised with reference to the will of J. W. Manson (1941)
1965.07.29 Teen Hop (dance) at Tastee-Freez
1965.08.00 Sixteen years ago in 1949 Highway Post Offices were introduced replacing the Railroad Post Office (RPO).
1965.08.05 Lancey House sold to Norman S. Stafford for Pittsfield Hotel Corp.
1965.08.05 New Embers Restaurant opens, David Mercier owner/manager.
1965.08.19 Airport sold to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Andrews
1965.08.19 George Hallenbeck lands 4 lb. 8 oz. bass out of Sibley Pond, Pittsfield
1965.08.19 JC auction
1965.08.19 Library plans lawn party
1965.08.19 Maine Fence Co. adds new line
1965.08.19 Pittsfield Kiwanis Babe Ruth team town champs: 17 wins, 0 losses.
1965.08.19 Water show at Pool
1965.10.07 Charlie Rowell starts shuttle bus service for junior bowlers in Pittsfield, Newport, Hartland Area.
1965.10.07 L & H Chevrolet has open house for 1966 car model year.
1965.10.07 Leon and his Missing Links perform in Boston at Surf Ballroom.
1965.10.21 Consecration services set for St. Martin’s Episcopal Church. Bishop Loring to be guest celebrant.
1965.10.21 Lancey House Hotel on TV.
1965.10.28 Eric Sobey named Farmer of the Week.
1965.11.00 Donald H. Shorey opens funeral parlor on Hartland Ave.
1965.11.04 Bad fire at Lancey House Hotel announced; happened October 30, 1965. Details on Lancey House Hotel matter occupy paper most of November 1965.
1965.11.18 JC’s sponsor Junior Miss Pageant.
1965.11.18 Kiwanis moves meetings to Embers Restaurant following Lancey House Hotel fire.
1965.11.25 Auction of Lancey House fixtures and furnishings set for December 8 and 9, 1965.
1965.11.25 Clyde Barden Farmer of the Week.
1965.11.25 MCI Huskie Hut opens.
1965.11.25 Stafford announces plans to rebuild Lancey House Hotel.
1965.12.02 Binding of old issues of Advertiser compiled, project started in 1963.
1965.12.02 Lancey House Hotel remains to be demolished.
1965.12.09 Auction of Lancey House fixtures etc. in final day.
1965.12.09 Plans for new Lancey House Hotel stalled by high land costs.
1965.12.09 Wayside Pulpit installed at Universalist Church.
1965.12.16 Book by Sanger Mills Cook on Pittsfield History announced.
1965.12.16 Lancey House fixtures etc. auction reported on.
1965.12.16 Norval B. ‛Bud’ Lewis to head English Department at MCI
1965.12.23 Linda Abbot named Pittsfield Junior Miss for 1965/66.
1965.12.30 Norm Lyon gets award for twenty-five years of service from Western Auto Stores.
1965.12.30 Pittsfield Fire Department gets new fire truck, cost $16,220.
1966.01.06 Patricia Ann Cianchette Pittsfield’s newest citizen
1966.01.27 MCI plans for 100th anniversary February 1, 1966.
1966.01.27. MCI Winter Carnival king and queen candidates announced.
1966.02.03 William LaBarge and Nancy Jones named king and queen at Winter Carnival.
1966.02.03. MCI has special assembly on 100th Aniversary.
1966.02.17 Northeast Shoe Co. to start operations April 1966
1966.02.17. Questions asked as to safety of Waverly Dam.
1966.02.17. Sixty-eighth anniversary of the sinking of The U.S.S. Maine in Havana Harbor, Cuba
1966.02.24 Bowl four strings for $1.00 at Bowl Rite Lanes.
1966.02.24 New book cases donated to library by JC’s.
1966.02.24 Pittsfield votes against Sunday sales of liquor.
1966.03.03 Langdon Andre is manager of Pittsfield’s Wirthmore Feed Store honored by parent store.
1966.03.10 Lehr Furniture Co. changes ownership; sold to Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Craft and Paul Bartlett.
1966.03.10 New town garage needed.
1966.03.17 New post office to be dedicated March 20, 1966
1966.03.17 Roosevelt T. Susi seeking third term to State Legislature.
1966.03.20 New Post Office opens on Central St.
1966.03.24 Athenaeum Club ten years old.
1966.03.24 Eaton Mt. Ski Area proposed.
1966.03.24 Tastee-Freez opens for season; strawberry Sundae $0.25.
1966.03.31 Lancey House Hotel remains sold to ‛Bud’ Homstead.
1966.04.07 Boston Post Cane presented to Sidney F. Jones
1966.04.07 New Lancey House Hotel still proposed.
1966.04.14 Byron ‛Bud’ Dow buys Pittsfield Hardware & Plumbing from Seymour Balch.
1966.04.14 Don Humphrey starts drive for Chamber of Commerce for Pittsfield area.
1966.04.14 Outdoor basketball court planned.
1966.04.21 Larry Dysart named treasurer of local cancer crusade
1966.04.21 MCI Key Club gets trophy for Northeast District, Silver Section, for projects to cure vandalism.
1966.04.21 Northeast Shoe plans modern building.
1966.04.28 Plans for motel/restaurant complex O.K.’d; construction to start in 60 days.
1966.05.12 New dorm for MCI nears completion.
1966.05.12 Northeast Shoe breaks ground for new factory
1966.05.26 Sanger M. Cook’s book to be released.
1966.05.26 Tastee-Freez selling Boston Shakes as special of week $0.39.
1966.06.09 New Junior High Building proposed.
1966.06.16 Dr. M. A. Webber honored by Maine Medical Association for 55 years service.
1966.07.07 First annual JC Fly-In set for July 10, 1966.
1966.07.07 Outdoor basketball court opened July 1, 1966.
1966.07.07 Referendum question on new junior high school set for July 11, 1966.
1966.07.14 Bowl-Rite Lanes opens car wash
1966.07.21 Town fire alarm system hit by lightning. Placed out of order for 20 days (back on line August 11, 1966)
1966.07.28 Staples Oil Co. and Pittsfield Airport granted building permits for new building and addition
1966.08.04 Rowe Hall, new dorm at MCI readied for inspection during reunion.
1966.08.04 Town Tronic opens new store at 17 Main Street
1966.08.11 Fire alarm system back on line
1966.08.11 Sen. Margaret Chase Smith speaks at MCI reunion.
1966.08.25 Lancey House Hotel remains to be demolished by December 1, 1966.
1966.08.25 Pony races held at Cianchette Stables.
1966.08.25 Town garage building purchased in kit form from Wirthmore Feed Store, total cost of project approximately $19,000
1966.09.06 R. Stevens Kleinschmidt, AB, SM, SCD opens office for civil engineering in former Goode Shoppe on Main Street.
1966.09.06 Staples Oil Co. opens new office on Stinson Ave.
1966.09.15 First pony races held at Cianchette Stables.
1966.09.15 Morning Sentinel Newspaper announces association with Pittsfield Advertiser publisher G. B. Mitchell.
1966.09.22 Demolition of Old Lancey House Hotel begun.
1966.09.29 Extensive repairs to be made to town pool.
1966.09.29 Lancey House Hotel demolition nearly complete.
1966.09.29 Removal of parking meters proposed.
1966.10.06 Lancey House demolition complete, site now vacant lot.
1966.10.06 Margit Photo Studio opens in former Gould & Reilly Store on Main St. (area of pedestrian walkway)
1966.10.13 Glen Weaton buys Bijou Theatre.
1966.10.13 New Lancey House Hotel development sought.
1966.10.27 Junior Miss Pageant to be held October 29, 1966
1966.10.27 Montgomery Ward Co. opens catalog store on Main St. managed by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gould (old Gould- Reilly Store, pedestrian walkway area).
1966.11.03 Val Stein chosen Key Club Sweetheart.
1966.11.17 New teen center opens on 2nd floor of Fabian Soucie’s warehouse on Park Street.
1966.11.23 Nancy Christie named Junior Miss for 1967.
1966.12.08 New Motor Inn possible for old Lancey House site.
1966.12.15 Break at L & H Chevrolet.
1966.12.22 Meeting called to study feasibility of two motels in Pittsfield.
1966.12.22 Northeast Shoe Co. union on strike.
1966.12.29 Byron ‘Bud’ Dow N.C.A.A. ski official at championship meets at Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Area.
1967.01.12 five young women from Vickery: Janet Tibbets, Betsy Richardson, Gail Frail, Roxie Soucie, and Cheryl Chandler help with March Of Dimes Campaign in Pittsfield’s downtown.
1967.01.12 Florace Ames, Widow of Dr. W. V. Trickey, celebrate 25 years of service to local newspapers (Bangor Daily News, Morning Sentinel, Pittsfield Advertiser, and a Boston Paper).
1967.01.12 Guy Susi named director of First National Bank of Pittsfield.
1967.01.12 Pittsfield Advertiser changes issue day from Thurs. to Wed.
1967.01.18 Dr. R. S. Kleinschmidt designs double chair lift for Salon Mt. ski area, manufactured and assembled by Cianbro Corp.
1967.01.18 Joe Buker passes away at age 68.
1967.01.18 Town salutes local JC’s.
1967.02.01 Alton Cianchette announces for selectman seat.
1967.02.01 Library needs studied; study chaired by Sanger M. Cook.
1967.02.01 Lionel Kelley to run for seat on Manson Park Committee.
1967.02.08 Marion Patee secretary to a military aide to Vice President H. H. Humphrey.
1967.02.08 New room at Library announced as Kiwanis project.
1967.02.08 Parking meters issue at town meeting.
1967.02.08 Sebasticook St. proposed as town way
1967.02.15 Pat Inman wins DAR essay contest.
1967.02.22 Langdon Andrews honored by Wirthmore Feeds for outstanding service,.
1967.02.22 Tekla Farrel announces for town clerk’s post.
1967.03.01 Cost of eggs at Newhouse Poultry Farms: jumbo $0.60, x-large $0.48, large $0.45, med.$0.42, small $0.30, crax 3 doz.$1.00
1967.03.01 Northeast Shoe Co. union strike over.
1967.03.15 Fiftieth year of Girl Scouting in Pittsfield.
1967.03.15 Inland Air Inc. providing Pittsfield-N.Y. flights, Richard Nason, pilot.
1967.03.15 Parking meters retired from service.
1967.04.12 Urban renewal discussed in Pittsfield.
1967.04.19 Leash law passes last town meeting, dogs must be leashed or on owners property.
1967.04.26 Bud’s Super Market plans expansion
1967.04.26 Plans for motel for Pittsfield discussed.
1967.05.03 MCI to host 10th annual Music Festival for Independent Schools.
1967.05.10 Two young women saved from drowning at Pittsfield Community Pool.
1967.05.24 First Universalist Church celebrates 100 years of service.
1967.05.24 Pittsfield Police Chief James Nolan resigns.
1967.05.31 Rev. Antonio M. Girardin promoted to pulpit in Millinocket.
1967.06.14 Riverside Woolen Mill to reopen.
1967.06.21 Call from community to fill in Lancey House Hotel demolition site.
1967.06.21 Knox Chicken Farm burns.
1967.06.21 Swimming pool construction to be sped up. Pool to open June 26.
1967.06.28 Donald C. Ingraham new chief of police for Pittsfield.
1967.07.05 Frati Trailer Park on Sebasticook St. opens July 1, 1967.
1967.07.05 Stuart Gould, former manager of Lancey House Hotel burned in fire at Waterville Holiday Inn.
1967.07.05 Three hundred kids at pool for lessons.
1967.07.12 Filter installed at pool, designed by Dr. Kleinschmidt.
1967.07.12 First concert in Hathorn Park for 1967
1967.07.12 Fred Raynes new principal at Vickery School.
1967.07.12 Rev. Armand Landry new pastor at St. Agnes Church.
1967.07.12 Wright’s Dairy sold to Sebasticook Valley Dairy, Inc.
1967.07.19 Addition at Manson Park School
1967.07.19 Addition in progress at Embers Restaurant
1967.07.19 Construction continues at Junior High School
1967.07.19 Hitching Post Restaurant being rebuilt after fire damage.
1967.07.19 Tastee-Freez adding take out food kitchen
1967.07.26 Two local girls assist in helping to probe recent breaks at area businesses.
1967.08.02 Nelson Wright, former owner/druggist Wrights Drug Store, Main St., leaves for Alaska permanently.
1967.08.02 Quonset hut moves from rear of Bud’s 0.4 mile to Cianbro Plant
1967.08.02 Soil experts study ways to end flooding from ‘no-name’ stream (brook running under West St., Somerset Ave., South St., George St. and Henry St.)
1967.08.09 Annual Library Lawn Party
1967.08.09 Pool swim show set for 8.25
1967.08.09 Tastee-Freez opens new snack bar. Opening day special: hamburger and large french fry $0.50
1967.08.09 Town meeting approves planning funds to update plan of 1959.
1967.08.16 Hitching Post Restaurant reopens
1967.08.16 New club house being built at Grand View Golf Course (original burned to ground)
1967.08.16 Pat Inman has poem published in Golden Magazine.
1967.08.23 Pittsfield wins Little League All-Star Tourney.
1967.08.23 Wendall Bickford resigns as fire chief, Dennis Hughes named interim fire chief
1967.08.30 Advertiser sold out all copies of edition of 08.23.1967
1967.08.30 Lawn party at library deemed success.
1967.08.30 School opening delayed to 09.ll.67
1967.09.06 Embers Restaurant opens New Dining Room.
1967.09.06 Pizzarena opens under new management (John Curtis, Sr.)
1967.09.06 Three school board members resign due to new state law that forbids spouses to have seats on local school boards if spouse works for same school district/school union
1967.09.13 MCI opens 102nd year with 499 students.
1967.09.20 Name change of local paper announced. Becomes Valley Times
1967.09.20 Sanger M. Cook urges use of state funds to encourage local history writing
1967.09.27 Bike Safety Essay Contest discussed by Kiwanis Club
1967.09.27 New seafood market opens in Pittsfield: Jim’s Seafood, 46 Main St.
1967.09.27 Skating rink being built at Pinnacle
1967.09.27 Valley Times and Pittsfield Advertiser now one name
1967.10.11 Harold’s Restaurant opens for service
1967.10.11 Pittsfield Industrial Development Co. will seek SBA funds for motel/restaurant complex corner of Somerset Avenue.
1967.10.11 Town may patch Pioneer Dam
1967.10.14 J. R. Cianchette Sawmill contents auctioned off
1967.10.14 Sebasticook Valley Hospital gets new X-ray equipment
1967.10.25 Cianbro Realty buys Albert Fitts property on Somerset Avenue
1967.10.25 Library renovation underway, Cianbro to do the work
1967.10.25 Northeast Shoe has open house October 28, 1967.
1967.11.01 Pittsfield gets AAA plaque for no pedestrian fatalities.
1967.11.15 Junior Miss Pageant announced; to be held November 18, 1967: candidates announced.
1967.11.22 A. J. Grignon dealer of Evinrude Motors Co. products.
1967.11.22 Jean Hammond Pittsfield Junior Miss 1968
1967.12.06 Activity in Forrest Park development.
1967.12.06 Charlie Philbrick marries Miss Rae Lane on November 25, 1967
1967.12.13 Cianbro builds new hanger at airport
1967.12.13 Fire destroys Wayne Susi home on Nichols St.
1967.12.13 MCI Christmas Concert to be held December 14, 1967.
1967.12.13 Rooms at library to be dedicated on December 31, 1967
1967.12.27 Buker Room at library to be dedicated December 31, 1967. Work was done by Cianbro at cost.
1968.01.10 Cold and drifting snow forces closing of schools in SAD 53, including MCI.
1968.01.17 MCI Remains independent due to ruling by State Board of Education.
1968.02.07 Former town clerk Inez Severance dies.
1968.02.07 Francis Smiley to operate Cornforth’s store
1968.02.07 H. L. Cornforth, local merchant dies,
1968.02.21 Action on old Lancey House lot announced
1968.02.21 Dennis B. Hughes attends course for fire chiefs
1968.02.21 German-American Club to be formed.
1968.02.21 Harvey Varney runs for vacant post on Manson Park Committee
1968.02.21 Ival Cianchette named director of First National Bank
1968.02.21 New date for town meeting: 3.15/16.68
1968.02.21 Paul Susi, Jr., runs for selectman
1968.02.21 Republicans to caucus 2.26.68 at town hall
1968.02.21 Sebasticook Valley Hosp. has 5th anniversary
1968.02.28 Larry Savage opens store formerly owned by Stan Fowler and Mr. and Mrs. Poulard, on N. Main St.
1968.02.28 MCI ski teams state champions.
1968.03.06 Letters to editor refer to MCI/SAD 53 controversy and the Sinclair Act.
1968.03.06 Merchants recommend purchase of old Lancey House lot by town for parking lot
1968.03.06 Roosevelt Susi seeks re-election to state legislature
1968.03.13 Election day for Pittsfield March 15, 1968.
1968.03.13 Main St. blocked by freight train problem
1968.03.13 Manson Essay Contest to be held at Powers Hall on Campus March 14, 1968
1968.03.13 MCI trustees refuse to meet with 1500 area residents
1968.03.20 Fireman’s ball to be held March 30, 1968 at Newport Armory.
1968.03.20 Leash law to be strictly enforced
1968.03.20 MCI to continue as secondary school
1968.03.20 Town meeting defeats parking lot proposal
1968.03.27 MCI rifle team defeats Husson College varsity squad.
1968.04.03 Bart Douglas retires as library janitor
1968.04.03 Easter Parade scheduled for Pittsfield
1968.04.03 Harold’s Restaurant sold to new owners
1968.04.03 John T. McMann, Sr., distributer for Phillips 66 products.
1968.04.03 Robert Hubbard has car go for unscheduled wash job in river beside garage (currently the ex-home of Valley Graphics)
1968.04.10 Parking problem editorialized as theatre patrons got tickets while attending show. Bijou theatre pays all parking fines
1968.04.17 Church Goods Mfg. announces expansion
1968.04.17 National Library Week proclaimed
1968.04.17 Valley Times Road Race announced for May 4, 68.
1968.04.24 Clean-Up, Paint-Up, Fix-Up Week to be conducted during May
1968.04.24 Kiwanis plans 27th anniversary dinner
1968.04.24 Legion presents awards on 49th Anniversary
1968.04.24 Old Town Garage demolished
1968.04.24 Town pool to get filter this summer
1968.05.01 Clean-up project gets underway with plans for reconstruction of Hartland Ave. Planned for later in year
1968.05.01 Pittsfield Girl Scouts celebrate 25th anniversary.
1968.05.08 Clean-up drive for Pittsfield readied for May 11, 1968
1968.05.08 June named Bike Safety Month; rodeo to be held sponsored by Pittsfield Fireman’s Auxiliary
1968.05.15 Clean-Up Week under way
1968.05.15 Work begins on new filter at pool.
1968.05.22 First school play at Manson Park School
1968.05.29 Lancey House lot to be filled in and beautified; clean-up campaign extended indefinitely.
1968.06.05 Fly-In slated for 6.16.63 at Pittsfield Municipal Airport
1968.06.12 Clean-up of Lancey House lot underway
1968.06.12 Pittsfield Volunteer Fire Department gets new sign.
1968.06.26 Baked stuffed or live boiled lobster special at Embers Restaurant $2.50.
1968.06.26 Filling hole on Lancey House lot delayed, equipment unavailable
1968.06.26 Lakeview Dairy Newport sold to Footman’s Dairy of Brewer
1968.06.26 Manson Park play area attacked by vandals
1968.07.03 Call for recreation programs for girls by Valley Times.
1968.07.10 Kiwanis Karnival announced for July 10 through 20.
1968.07.10 Pittsfield moves to enforce development/buildings ordinance
1968.07.31 Church Goods Mfg. (C. M. Almy) breaks ground for expansion.
1968.08.07 Local oil companies announce the discontinuance of giving trading stamps for home heating oil.
1968.08.07 Sen. Ed Muskie addresses MCI Home Coming (reunion)
1968.08.07 Town seeks injunction to close Pioneer Dam
1968.08.21 United Stores announce the closing of the Pittsfield store August 22.
1968.09.11 Junior high school starts split sessions with senior high school students.
1968.09.11 R. H. Reny Store to open in Pittsfield in October in former United Store location
1968.09.18 Town office facilities expanded and improved.
1968.10.02 Lancey House weather vane atop stables at Earle Friend, Sr., residence
1968.10.02 SAD 53 Senior High becomes Warsaw High School.
1968.10.09 Reny’s to open Pittsfield store October 10, 1968.
1968.10.16 Sesquicentennial plans announced
1968.10.16 Warsaw cheer leaders show off uniforms in school colors: green and gold.
1968.10.23 MCI Husky Hut opens in MCI home economics room in Cianchette Hall of Science.
1968.11.06 Drive to build collections for Maine State Museum announced. Called treasure hunt by director.
1968.11.20 Pittsfield Junior Miss Pageant to be held 11.23.1968 at Warsaw gym.
1968.11.27 Jan Susi Pittsfield Junior Miss 1969.
1968.12.11 Maude Harris at 96 town’s oldest resident.
1968.12.11 MCI unveils new microfilm reader/printer
1969.01.06 Elton Burkey starts practice in Pittsfield.
1969.01.06 Hubbard’ s Garage service station closed. Now temporary home to Hubbard’s Esso (Exxon) Oil (home heating oil dealer). Was in business 40 years. Was bought in 1928 for $5,000
1969.01.06 Jack Lynch president of Kiwanis for 1969
1969.01.06 Mahlon Burner appointed manager of CMP Pittsfield office
1969.01.06 Order of Distinction awarded to George Newhouse by Maine Poultry Industry Association
1969.01.06 Pittsfield senior citizens group completes first year of service
1969.01.06 Warsaw Winter Carnival king and queen candidates announced
1969.01.15 MCI announces date for Winter Carnival.
1969.01.22 Brik Hamilton receives Eagle Scout award
1969.01.22 Maude Harris awarded Boston Post Cane as oldest citizen of Pittsfield
1969.01.22 MCI announces Winter Carnival king and queen candidates
1969.01.29 Kenneth A. Hughes Insurance Agency opens branch office in Pittsfield
1969.02.05 Congregational Church gets new minister, Gene W. Laramy.
1969.02.05 MCI annual alumni prize speaking contest date and location announced (February 11, 1969 at Powers Hall)
1969.02.12 15 acres of land returned by legislative act to Hartland on Fuller Corner Rd. Land came to Pittsfield in 1852 by legislative act of Wesley Fuller due to a dispute with town of Hartland.
1969.02.12 Hartland Ave. reconstruction contract ready to be signed
1969.02.12 SAD 53 school budget proposal published
1969.02.12 Warsaw high basketball tourney-bound against Machias
1969.02.19 Historical room at library redone by JC’s, budget of $200 set
1969.02.19 Madeline Ball resigns as town nurse effective February 28, 1969
1969.02.19 National Boy Scout Week observed
1969.02.19 Refreshment stand opens at Warsaw High
1969.02.19 Student council formed at MCI.
1969.03.05 Kiwanis tryouts for annual talent show set.
1969.03.05 Sebasticook Valley Hospital marks seventh year of service to area
1969.03.05 Students helping to remove snow from town streets and sidewalks, drifts 8-10 ft
1969.03.12 Kenneth Goodwin, chairman, Arey Bryant, and Marilyn Lloyd study plans for sesquicentennial celebration
1969.03.12 Warrant for annual town meeting published.
1969.03.19 Ed Stanley reelected headmaster at MCI
1969.03.19 Lynn Gould named Key Club Sweetheart.
1969.03.19 Manson Essay finalists announced
1969.03.26 Bijou Theatre to close. Unable to pay increase in taxes from $2,500 to $17,000
1969.03.26 Peaseville populaton 6 made temporarily out of disputed 15 acres of land on Fuller Road pending legislative action
1969.03.26 Various ice cream places reopening for season
1969.04.02 N. Main St. site undergoes change: McKay’s Barber Shop and Morrison’s Market demolished to make way for more parking.
1969.04.02 Official seal for Sesquicentennial published
1969.04.02 President Ike Eisenhower visited Pittsfield 14 years ago
1969.04.09 Charter presented to Warsaw High Key Club
1969.04.09 Dirigo Boys and Girls State delegates named
1969.04.09 Sesquicentennial events underway
1969.04.16 Sanger M. Cook name to be inserted on plaque at Gettysburg Memorial site
1969.04.23 Barney McGowan named director of summer recreation program
1969.04.30 Death and burial of Ray Zor announced
1969.04.30 Lancey House Hotel hole finally filled in
1969.05.07 American Legion celebrates 50 years of service
1969.05.21 First Kangaroo Kourt session for Sesquicentennial
1969.05.21 Special ‘Help Keep the Bijou Theatre Open’ tickets sold by JCs and Kiwanis. Price: Kids: 12 shows $5.00, adults 6 shows for $5.00
1969.05.21 Toll gate to be set up for Sesquicentennial on bridge near Hubbards Garage
1969.05.28 Kiwanis Karnival to be held on Main St. this year only
1969.06.04 Sesquicentennial Queen candidates register
1969.06.11 Frank Hesdorfer Grand Marshall of Sesquicentennial Parade
1969.06.11 Historical room at library ready, to be opened during Sesquicentennial
1969.06.18 Maj. General Roy Lundquist to be parade marshall
1969.06.18 Sesquicentennial events and celebration continue
1969.07.09 Work begins on Cianbro lot near I-95 on Somerset Ave.
1969.08.06 Boutelle Savage named president of MCI’s board of trustees, replacing Dr. Harry Rowe who is retiring
1969.08.06 High school students return to Warsaw again
1969.08.20 Girl Scouts have day camp at Manson Park
1969.08.20 S. Bent & Bros. buys J. R. Cianchette and Sons’ property on S. Main (current home of Hancock Lumber Co.)
1969.08.20 Trading stamps discontinued at Bud’s
1969.09.03 Wilfred Beaton named new administrator at Sebasticook Valley Hospital
1969.09.10 Dennis Hughes resigns as fire chief, moves to Louisville, Kentucky; Paul Nichols named Acting Chief
1969.09.10 Fitts new motel construction to begin soon
1969.09.10 Lancey G. Milliken dies at age 56
1969.09.10 Paul Nichols named acting fire chief
1969.09.24 Artists sketch of new motel published
1969.09.24 Film making included in English electives at MCI, with use of Sony video equipment
1969.10.08 MCI School contract terms proposed
1969.10.08 Motel construction to begin week of October 20, 1969
1969.10.08 Plans for urban renewal to be discussed on October 14, 1969
1969.10.08 SAD #53 directors turn down proposed contract with MCI
1969.10.22 District and town officials recommend acceptance of MCI contract
1969.11.05 Cindy Boyton Pittsfield Junior Miss for 1970
1969.11.05 Miss Pittsfield pageant to be held November 1, 19.69
1969.11.05 Voters favor return to MCI
1969.11.10 Birthday week for the USMC
1969.11.12 New tow installed at Pinnacle
1969.11.26 Ground breaking to be held for Fitt’s new motel
1969.12.17 MCI to present new contract to SAD #53
1969.12.31 Pittsfield escapes rain storm damage
1969.12.31 Valley Times changes publication date from Wednesday back to Thursday as of January 3, 1970
1970.01.08 Dick Dutting joins Kleinschmidt Consulting Engineers
1970.01.08 Dr. Paul Burke, M.D. featured in Sebasticook Valley Hospital newsletter column
1970.01.08 Mini-biography on Joe Weinberger
1970.01.08 Souci’s Jewelery and Appliance Store now offers repair service for electronics
1970.01.15 Anti-drug editorial in Valley Times
1970.01.15 Fire levels Wrights Stables horse barns
1970.01.15 Hubbard’s Inc. and Staples Oil Co. merge under Webber Oil Company banner 1-13-70
1970.01.22 MCI winter carnival king and queen candidates announced
1970.01.22 Voters decide on council form of government
1970.01.29 Hunter Friend and Wendy Murdock MCI winter carnival king and queen for 1970
1970.01.29 Tam Cianchette at age 16 solos (first plane flight alone)
1970.01.29 Warsaw winter carnival king and queen candidates announced
1970.02.05 Craig Dinsmore and Bonnie Grignon king and queen at last Warsaw winter carnival
1970.02.05 Local pharmacy changes hands, Richard Berry, Sr., buys out Donald Humphry
1970.02.05 MCI prize speaking (freshman and sophomore) competitors announced
1970.02.05 Town students return to MCI September 1970
1970.02.19 Dean Grant new operator of Texaco Main St.
1970.02.19 Pittsfield Branch of Waterville Savings Bank in works
1970.02.19 Pittsfield government and urban renewal discussed at meeting
1970.02.26 Roosevelt Susi bids for reelection
1970.03.05 Pittsfield Chair Company opens in old Cianchette Building on South Main St.
1970.03.26 Honor parts for MCI class of 1970 announced
1970.03.26 Merger between First National Bank of Pittsfield and Maine National Bank proposed
1970.04.09 New park entrance proposed
1970.04.09 Pittsfield ambulance fund started
1970.04.16 A. Brian Craig, Jr., buys Hersey Hardware
1970.04.16 Connor Block corner North Main and Central Streets demolished
1970.04.16 Frati Mobile Home Sales and Service opens just off I-95
1970.04.16 Spring clean-up underway
1970.04.16 Waterville Savings Bank [branch] OKed; to be built on former Lancey House Hotel lot
1970.04.30 Fire engulfs Main Street; two die in fire (area of current pedestrian walkway, lawyer’s office/bike shop)
1970.04.30 Gordon Mobile Homes opens for business on South Main Street
1970.04.30 Joe’s Used Cars opens at old Hubbard’s Garage
1970.05.07 George A. Moore, former executive vice president and head cashier at First National Bank Pittsfield, passes away
1970.05.28 Donald H. Shorey, funeral director/parlor owner, passes away
1970.06.04 Warsaw High has last graduation day June 5, 1970
1970.06.11 LaVerdiere’s comes to Pittsfield; to open on Main Street
1970.06.25 Grand Army of the Republic Hall torn down by town
1970.07.09 King’s Circus comes to town
1970.07.09 New softball diamond proposed for Manson Park, park entrance changed (to current configuration)
1970.07.16 Circus comes to town July 17, 1970; to be held on Northeast Shoe Company property
1970.07.16 Work on new [Manson] park entrance underway
1970.07.22 LaVerdiere’s Main Street opens
1970.07.22 Pittsfield Dry Cleaners to close doors
1970.07.30 Northeast Shoe Company celebrates 20 years in Pittsfield
1970.07.30 Sebasticook St. bridge replacement bids to be opened August 5, 1970
1970.08.06 Library lawn party announced for August 31, 1970
1970.08.06 Special town meeting called for August 13, 1970
1970.08.13 New dormitory at MCI to be named for John W. Manson
1970.08.31 First National Bank merges with Maine National Bank August 15, 1970
1970.08.31 Fly-In scheduled for July 26, 1970
1970.08.31 Little League all-star tourney starts July 23, 1970
1970.08.31 Old A & P store to get facelift
1970.09.17 Pittsfield Chair Company ships first order
1970.09.17 Sebasticook St. bridge project under way; work being done by Cianbro
1970.09.24 Earle Fletcher cited for forty years of service with A & P stores
1970.10.01 Pittsfield gets safety award/citation
1970.10.08 Mini-twister does heavy damage in Pittsfield
1970.10.08 Pittsfield Fire Department on mutual aid call to Newport fire at Banton Bros. Mill kiln fire
1970.10.15 Dr. Tom Pierce comes to Pittsfield and opens practice
1970.10.15 Improvement noted at Manson Park
1970.10.15 Junior Miss Pageant announced for November 15, 1970
1970.11.05 Dr. Webber celebrates 87th birthday
1970.11.19 Ground broken for Pittsfield branch of Waterville Savings Bank
1970.11.26 Death of MCI board of trustees president, Boutelle Savage, announced
1970.12.03 Booster Club formed at MCI
1970.12.03 Grand opening of Craig’s Hardware
1970.12.03 Strike begins at Northeast Shoe Company
1970.12.31 Harry Coolidge, attorney, dies at age 91
1971.01.07 Humphrey’s Drug Store sign comes down, Berry’s Pharmacy sign goes up
1971.01.14 Community Center idea pushed
1971.01.14 First town council meeting, sworn in January 11, 1971
1971.01.14 Thieves cut fuel oil tank lines January 9, 1971 at J. R. Cianchette’s Main Street office
1971.01.21 Bud Homstead named director of Newport Trust Company bank
1971.01.21 First council appointments made
1971.01.21 Ival Cianchette home gutted by fire
1971.01.21 MCI Winter Carnival get underway
1971.01.28 Bob Mathews attains Eagle Scout rank
1971.01.28 James Tarr family home burns
1971.01.28 Mrs. J. LaGorio retires, closes store, moves to Augusta
1971.02.04 Lettie (Mrs. Jerome) Gould passes away
1971.02.04 Prize Speaking candidates announced
1971.02.04 Steve Barden earns wings at age 16
1971.02.11 Community Center idea pushed
1971.02.11 Sabins TV and Appliance closes doors of Pittsfield store 02.20.1971; sale announced
1971.02.11 Town budget hearing set for 02.25.1971
1971.02.18 Ambulance service begun in Pittsfield
1971.02.18 Storage shed at Savage’s Market burns
1971.03.04 Teens begin Community Center survey project
1971.03.11 Waterville Savings Bank construction begun
1971.03.25 Pittsfield American Legion Post celebrates 52nd anniversary
1971.04.01 Effie Vroom retires as bookkeeper at First National Bank of Pittsfield
1971.04.01 Solid and liquid waste disposal issue discussed at public meeting
1971.04.01 Youth Corps to form
1971.04.08 Charles Casey resigns as superintendent of SAD #53 schools
1971.04.15 Artifacts of Col. Morrill on Display at library during National Library Week
1971.04.15 Open house at retail outlet of Agway
1971.04.22 MCI announces Honor Parts for 102nd commencement exercises for June 6, 1971
1971.04.29 South Main Street Market opens, Marion Wright owner/operator
1971.05.06 Joe Girard named manager for Waterville Savings Bank, Pittsfield branch
1971.05.06 Waterville Savings Bank opening set for 05.17.1971
1971.05.06 Weather clock for Waterville Savings Bank added to Main Street
1971.05.13 New ambulance and attendants announced by Sebasticook Valley Hospital
1971.05.20 Manson Park prepares for lighting
1971.05.20 Waterville Savings Bank now open for business
1971.06.10 A & P Store closes doors for good June 12, 1971
1971.06.10 Hathorn Park gets sign to mark entrance
1971.06.17 Diving board installed at pool
1971.06.24 Swimming lessons begin June 25, 1971
1971.07.01 James H. Sylvester hired as probationary policeman
1971.07.01 Thrifty Store sold
1971.07.15 Hunnewell Avenue Apartments open for rent; hold open house
1971.07.22 Barbara Call retires as keeper of the ledgers at Pittsfield cemetery and Call Monument Works
1971.07.22 Dr. Vincent Gallucci new superintendent of SAD #53 schools
1971.07.22 Jack Bremer new principal at Warsaw Junior High
1971.07.29 Auction to be held at St. Martins Church August 7, 1971
1971.07.29 Kiwanis Karnival opens
1971.08.05 Council votes to buy Pioneer Dam
1971.08.05 Gloria Friend dies in auto accident
1971.08.05 Lights on and working at Manson Park
1971.08.12 Agnes Kierstead receives Pittsfield’s Boston Post Cane
1971.09.02 Dr. Merlon A. Webber passes away
1971.09.02 Marie T. Bradford passes away
1971.09.02 Vandals destroy park property
1971.09.02 William Griffin retires from Maine National Bank
1971.09.30 A & P Building in use by Brian Craig for display of paneling and general storage
1971.09.30 Fire in house corner of Cross and Nichols Streets, eight people evacuated
1971.10.07 Don Ingraham resigns as police chief
1971.10.14 MCI in Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference in Sports
1971.10.14 Vandalism at JC clubhouse
1971.10.21 More vandalism at Manson Park
1971.10.28 House burns on Summer Street
1971.11.18 Parking meters removed
1971.12.09 Ed Stanley retires as headmaster at MCI
1971.12.16 Arts Club marks 35th anniversary
1972.01.13 Library displays Civil War and other papers
1972.01.13 Lights to be installed at Pittsfield I-95 interchange
1972.01.28 Furniture Exchange burns. Fire starts 1:00 p.m. on 2nd floor. Built 1892 by John N. Martin
1972.02.24 Carriage Inn to be leased to Andre Garfield
1972.02.24 Grignon’s Sports Shop broken into, thieves take $2,000 worth of merchandise
1972.03.02 Break at Montgomery Ward store
1972.03.02 Universal gym added to MCI gym, purchased by MCI Sports Boosters
1972.03.09 Design for new Municipal Building revealed
1972.03.09 Theater lobby gets new paint job done by MCI Key Club
1972.03.23 Urban Renewal Plan for downtown Pittsfield unveiled
1972.03.30 Death of Rev. C. N. Vickery announced
1972.04.06 Valley Times newspaper and Pittsfield Publishers sold to Cianbro Corporation
1972.04.13 Improved lighting on Main Street plans announced
1972.06.11 New Carriage Inn opens
1972.06.15 A. I. Murray named new headmaster at MCI
1972.06.15 Ed Stanley attends last graduation as headmaster of MCI as he retires to do other things
1972.06.15 Memorial to J. W. Manson planned for Mary Ann Lancey Manson Park
1972.06.22 Fred Stafford retires as postmaster for Pittsfield
1972.07.13 New bleachers installed at big softball diamond in Manson Park
1972.08.17 Henry Staples retires from Staples Oil Co.
1972.08.31 Frati announces intent to build major complex off I-95 in Pittsfield.
1972.09.07 Town garage burns, damp sewer chemicals believed cause.
1972.10.19 Candidates for Pittsfield Junior Miss Pageant announced
1972.10.26 Memorial to J. W. Manson dedicated
1972.12.21 More discussion held on design of new Municipal Building
1973.01.04 Ralph L. Cianchette, founder of Cianbro Corp., passes away
1973.01.11 Pittsfield police department gets radar set
1973.02.01 More discussion held on design for new Municipal Building
1973.02.15 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Dysart retire from Dysart’s store on Main St. They owned the store for 36 years.
1973.03.01 Chemical plant fire, insides gutted. (Was located where Cianbro Building is now)
1973.03.01 Kirk Dahlgren attains Eagle Scout status
1973.03.01 Ronello Brown retires as assistant postmaster of Pittsfield
1973.04.05 More leaks in roof at Union Hall, town employees ask for row boats and sea pay
1973.05.03 Discussion of plans and announcement of Central Maine Egg Festival
1973.06.07 Gladys Shorey retires from Manson Park School hot lunch program
1973.06.21 More discussion on new Municipal Building
1973.06.21 Ruth Susi declared dead after body recovered from Sebasticook River off Peltoma Bridge, Missing since 4.29.1973
1973.06.24 New park entrance discussed
1973.06.24 Pool readies for summer opening
1973.07.05 Egg Festival Corporation formed, first Egg Festival to be held August 25, 1973
1973.07.26 Egg Festival plans firmed up
1973.07.26 Largest fry pan (10′ 1″ diameter) displayed
1973.07.26 Lawrence’s Flower Shop closes, sold to Rev. Earl Thaler
1973.07.26 Program for Egg Festival announced
1973.08.02 Chairs stolen from Pittsfield Chair Factory recovered
1973.08.09 Stanley Houston appointed chief of Pittsfield Police
1973.08.16 Chalmers St. store sold to Gary Jordan
1973.08.16 Earl H. Booker new town manager
1973.08.16 Largest fry pan arrives in Portland
1973.08.16 Newhouse “Egg City” open golf tourney announced for August 22/23, 1973
1973.08.23 Air show for Egg Festival planned
1973.08.23 Lights go up at Manson Park for Egg Festival
1973.08.30 Egg Festival deemed success
1973.09.27 Arey C. Bryant named officer in charge of Pittsfield Post Office (acting postmaster)
1973.10.04 Council gets option on Chandler Building on S. Main
1973.10.11 Earle N. Vickery retires as member of the board of directors of Maine National Bank
1973.10.11 Manson Park receives gift of 4 acres of land from Mr. and Mrs. Ronello Brown
1973.10.25 Craig Hardware & Plumbing announces relocation to Somerset Plaza
1973.10.25 More talk on new Municipal Building
1973.11.00 Arey C. Bryant named new post master for Pittsfield
1973.11.01 JC club house on N. Main St. burns; structure gutted
1973.11.01 Move of municipal offices to S. Main St. proposed by council
1973.11.06 Damage done to MCI home economics room in Cianchette Hall of Science from auto accident
1973.12.20 Town prepares for moving of municipal offices to S. Main St.
1973.12.28 Awards presented to MCI’s undefeated class ‘D’ football team
1974.01.04 Death of Eleanor Wilkins, former Library Trustee announced
1974.01.04 Resurrection of Main St. discussed
1974.01.04 Thefts announced at area businesses and rewards for information on same offered by area police departments; places hit include: Alba’s Tire and Walpole Woodworkers in Detroit and seven breaks at pittsfield homes
1974.01.04 Tom Wright, president of the Maine JC’s, meets with President Richard M. Nixon
1974.01.10 Drugs in Pittsfield discussed in a front page article in the Valley Times newspaper
1974.01.10 Questionnaires sent to Pittsfield Residents asking people to rate Pittsfield as part of Community Betterment Program
1974.01.10 School board shuffles opening/closing times for schools in S.A.D. #53, now set for January 14, 1974.
1974.01.10 Sen. Ed Muskie visits Pittsfield, lunches with area businessmen at Carriage Inn Restaurant
1974.01.10 Tax Assessor Herbert Hanson resigns post
1974.01.17 Death of Francis (Chub) Smiley former clerk/owner of Cornforth’s Men’s Clothing store announced
1974.01.17 Maynard Dahlgren announces price hike for haircuts
1974.01.17 Pinnacle Ski Area discussed as a draft ordinance is approved to make the area a town park
1974.01.17 Val Sinclair appointed assistant manager at Waterville Savings Bank (Now People’s Heritage Bank) Pittsfield branch
1974.01.24 Marie Bradford School vandalized for third time.
1974.01.24 MCI Winter Carnival time under way. Theme: Circus
1974.01.24 Town takes over maintenance of new skating rink at Pinnacle
1974.01.31 Bids for renovation of the new Town Offices/Municipal Building opened, winning bid of $3,889 by Susi Construction Co
1974.01.31 Bob Mathews and Elaine Berry named king and queen of MCI Winter Carnival
1974.01.31 Craig Hardware announces sale prior to move to new quarters
1974.01.31 Plans for JC’s Walkathon for April 28, 1974 discussed
1974.01.31 Sample of questionnaire on rating Pittsfield published in Valley Times
1974.01.31 Top Gas station located between Bud’s and Waterville Savings Bank on Hunnewell Ave. closes
1974.02.07 Kiwanis and town officials discuss Manson Park Pool. Kiwanis to fund raise for the pool, seeking $13,000 in cash and in-kind donations
1974.02.14 First donation to pool fund made by A. Brian Craig
1974.02.14 Thieves hit Pittsfield Tractor Co. for $1,700 worth of goods
1974.02.14 Two-page spread in Valley Times honoring MCI football as class “D” co-champs and photos of team members receiving jackets from MCI Sports Boosters
1974.02.14 Valley Times runs series on rental housing in Pittsfield
1974.02.14 Valley Times running total of donations to pool fund called “Dollars Make it Deeper”
1974.02.21 Union (Town) Hall to close May 11, 1974, lodges to relocate at that time
1974.02.28 Pittsfield Public Library applies for Regional Library status under law passed by 106th legislature
1974.02.28 Two new businesses open on Main Street: Somerset TV and Caruso’s Lunch
1974.03.07 Pittsfield opens new Municipal Building on South Main St. near Pittsfield Bowling Center.
1974.03.14 Challenge issued to general manager of the Somerset Reporter by general manager of Pittsfield’s Valley Times with reference to the Bike Tour. Tour route O.K. with the State Police
1974.03.14 First Annual Pittsfield to Skowhegan Bike Tour announced. Proceeds to benefit Pool Fund
1974.03.14 Frank Sanborn makes eagle rank in Boy Scouts
1974.03.14 Increase in employment at Northeast Shoe Co, announced – expect to hire 75 to 100 new people
1974.03.21 Derailment on Main St, March 15, 1974 for 5½ hours. Four cars out of 27 derail, blocking Main St. and Detroit Ave. crossings
1974.03.21 Pool Fund now at $4,000
1974.03.28 Editorial in Valley Times suggests that this is enough money for the construction work to be put out to bid
1974.03.28 Pool Fund now at $5,200
1974.04.04 Benefit supper at MCI cafeteria to benefit the Pool Fund
1974.04.04 Close out sale at Cornforth’s Men’s Clothing Store announced
1974.04.04 Paul E. Susi, Jr., named acting town manager
1974.04.04 Town Manager Earl Booker resigns
1974.04.11 Lawrence’s Bridal Shop opens at Apt. 21A at the Carriage Inn
1974.04.11 Pool Fund now at $7,329.64
1974.04.18 Comedy letter to Egg Festival committee from Dr. Dale Ball, Director of Michigan Dept. of Agriculture, replied to by Dr. John Dow of Pittsfield
1974.04.18 Herbert Hanson reappointed tax assessor
1974.04.18 Pool Fund: $7,429.64
1974.04.18 Reapportionment ordered by State of Maine
1974.04.18 The play Charlie Brown to be presented by MCI Drama Club
1974.04.25 Pittsfield to Skowhegan Bike Race set for May 5, 1974.
1974.05.02 Maine National Bank and Manson Park vandalized
1974.05.02 Pool Fund: $8,470.25
1974.05.02 Solid waste regulations to end dump problems.
1974.05.09 Craig Hardware having relocation sale
1974.05.09 Picnic table and other items stolen from Manson Park recovered
1974.05.09 Pittsfield to Skowhegan bike race winners and times announced: Won by R.S. Thompson of Athens; 2nd place, Allen Foxwell, Skowhegan; 3rd place, Ron Spiegal, Burnham. Youngest finisher: Alden Strong 2 hrs. 20 min. Oldest finisher, Archie Russakoff, 53, of Skowhegan
1974.05.09 Pool Fund: $8,941.50
1974.05.09 Schools to close June 11, 1974
1974.05.09 William M. Lunt, Jr., new town manager for Pittsfield
1974.05.16 Garden Club having annual plant sale at old railroad station on Central St. (now the museum)
1974.05.16 Pool Fund: $9,886.06
1974.05.23 Boys’ and Girls’ State candidates announced
1974.05.23 Candy Stripers recognized for volunteer service to Sebasticook Valley Hospital
1974.05.23 Pool fund: $10,515.59
1974.05.23 Wading pool given by Pittsfield JC’s to town to replace the old one that was falling apart
1974.05.23 Youth employment program suggested by Ron Spiegal, guidance counselor at Warsaw Junior High turned down by town council
1974.05.30 Bijou Theatre ticket prices: all seats $1.50
1974.05.30 Pool Fund:$10,840.59
1974.05.30 Spring Clean-Up time announced.
1974.05.30 Stanley Huston resigns as chief of Pittsfield Police Department
1974.05.30 Warsaw Junior High French class takes trip to Quebec
1974.05.30 Youth League schedule announced.
1974.06.06 Brownie/Girl Scout Fly-Up ceremony held at Hathorn Park
1974.06.06 Flying Lessons offered at airport by Drake Aviation Inc. Introductory lesson $5.00
1974.06.06 Joint Warsaw Junior High and Vickery School Band concert held
1974.06.06 Pool Fund: $11,125.51
1974.06.13 Death of Roy U. Sinclair announced
1974.06.13 Pool fund: $ 11,209.01
1974.06.13 Wading pool near completion
1974.06.20 Date announced for Egg Festival: 07.27.1974
1974.06.20 Editorial on fate of old railroad station (now a museum)
1974.06.20 James C. Gurney appointed chief of Pittsfield Police Department.
1974.06.20 Pool Fund: $ 11,359.01
1974.06.20 Work begun on main pool
1974.06.27 Craig Home Center opens in new location (Somerset Plaza) on this date
1974.06.27 Dial-A-Job program opens in Pittsfield
1974.06.27 Donkey baseball/softball game, Newport vs. Pittsfield at Manson Park: Pittsfield wins 8-6
1974.06.27 Wading pool completed and opened for use. Dedicated to the children of Pittsfield by the Pittsfield JC’s.
1974.06.27 Warsaw Senior High School alumni called to come forward for a planned reunion
1974.07.03 Rural letter carriers have conference in Pittsfield
1974.07.11 Egg Festival schedule released
1974.07.18 Manson Park Pool closed due to contamination of the pool; wading pool not affected
1974.07.18 Town and lodges agree on buyout terms at old Union Hall
1974.07.25 Egg Festival activities begin; fifteen candidates for princess
1974.08.01 12,000 – 15,000 people estimated to have come to Egg Festival
1974.08.01 Dr. Forrest Muir, Large Egg Judge, holds winning egg from Stockton Springs, ME
1974.08.01 Kiwanis Karnival huge success
1974.08.01 MCI reunion set for August 5, 1974
1974.08.01 Rachel Eads crowned Egg Festival princess
1974.08.01 Two arrested for break at Sunoco Gas Station (now Exxon) Jully 30, 1974 took $109.50 in goods
1974.08.08 JC’s call for revamp of Pittsfield Recreation Committee
1974.08.08 Marker unveiled on MCI Campus. Main Campus now called Boutelle Savage Campus
1974.08.15 Burnham begins Sesquicentennial activities.
1974.08.22 Egg City Open Golf Tourney canceled
1974.08.22 Library lawn party set for August 28, 1974
1974.08.22 Pool closes for season after annual water show on August 25, 1974
1974.08.22 Warsaw Senior High School Reunion set for August 24, 1974
1974.08.29 Fire destroys warehouse of Pittsfield Woolen Yarns Co.
1974.09.05 East side of Main St. called cancerous due to condition of the buildings on that side of the street
1974.09.05 Punt, Pass, and Kick competition sponsored by Ford Motor Company announced for October 5, 1974 at Manson Park on the MCI football field
1974.09.12 Warsaw Junior High starts football program
1974.09.19 JC wives begin organizing for push on parks and recreation question
1974.09.19 Parks and Recreation ordinance killed April 2. JC’s may try for referendum on the question
1974.10.03 Hen house fire, loss of $50,000 at farm of Clyde Barden, a contract grower of hens for DeCosta Egg Farms.
1974.10.10 Ground breaking for a new lodge hall off Hamilton Drive
1974.10.10 Library has LP Records for loan
1974.10.10 Republican campaign headquarters on Main St. Pittsfield opened.
1974.10.10 Water main leak (a week old) in area of Grove Hill repaired
1974.10.17 New Howe Fire truck arrives in town; being held from service until all firemen complete training on the new unit
1974.10.24 Bijou Theatre showing Juggernaut; all seats $1.75
1974.10.24 Key Club from MCI works to prepare for Bi-Centennial Project on the Better Homes Building
1974.10.24 Sebasticook Valley Hospital now an accredited hospital
1974.10.31 Bill and Val Varney take over Western Auto store October 1, 1974
1974.10.31 MCI Huskies football team defeats Boothbay Regional High School 8-0. Wins class ‘D’ championship; finish with 5-0 record
1974.10.31 MCI varsity field hockey team champions with record, of December 2, 2
1974.10.31 More vandalism at Manson Park
1974.11.07 Rev. and Mrs. Albert Perry come to Pittsfield. Rev. Perry takes over pulpit at Universalist Church
1974.11.14 Plans to Convert old Union Hall to new fire station discussed, prices range from $80,000 – $68,500
1974.11.27 Town receives award for Maine Community Betterment Program
1974.12.05 Athenaeum Club to begin work on old Maine Central Railroad passenger station (now the museum)
1974.12.05 Maine National Bank to offer gold bars for sale retail on December 31, 1974 as it becomes legal for citizens to once again hold private ownership of gold
1974.12.12 Hearing to be held December 17, 1974 on JC’s parks and recreation proposal at Municipal Building
1974.12.12 MCI Key Club to sell Christmas trees
1974.12.12 SAD #53 approves and announces new bus policy
1974.12.12 Santa to arrive by helicopter December 21, 1974
1974.12.12 Special election to be held January 25, 1975
1974.12.12 Union Hall now empty, awaiting wreckers’ ball
1974.12.19 Council tables parks proposal
1974.12.31 Carriage Inn bought again
1974.12.31 Sale of gold to John Q. Citizen begins today
1975.01.09 Breaks discovered at homes on Hunnewell Ave., net taken: $882; also breaks at four local Businesses: Lehr Agency, Pittsfield Publishers, Grant’s Texaco, and Pittsfield Motor Sales
1975.01.09 Materials from old Union Hall salvaged by Cianbro Corporation
1975.01.16 Sea plane base approved by town council
1975.01.23 Alumni prize speaking contest announced for February 4, 1975
1975.01.23 MCI king and queen candidates for Winter Carnival announced
1975.01.23 New lodges open for business
1975.01.30 Barn on Nichols Street burns
1975.01.30 Special Bicentennial license plates available at Pittsfield Public Library for $6.25 with $1.00 going to library.
1975.02.20 MCI basketball team in tourneys at Bangor
1975.02.27 Small water main break on Hunnewell Ave. repaired
1975.03.20 Council sets hearing on new recreation board for April 2, 1975
1975.03.27 Bijou Theatre to close March 31, 1975
1975.03.27 Community Theatre a possibility. Last movie is the Man With the Golden Gun (James Bond)
1975.03.27 Fire at Maine Fence Company
1975.03.27 Kite flying contest announced for April 26, 1975 by Pittsfield Kiwanis Club
1975.04.02 Senator E. S. Muskie visits Pittsfield again; was here before with President Eisenhower
1975.04.03 Carriage Inn to open April 7, 1975
1975.04.03 Theatre meeting set for April 10, 1975
1975.04.17 Council kills new recreation board proposal
1975.04.17 William Springer named volunteer managing director of Community Theatre
1975.04.24 Annual JC Walkathon set for April 27, 1975
1975.04.24 Old fire alarm boxes being sold by town.
1975.05.08 Work begins inside and outside on Pittsfield Community Theatre and work continues on revamped Town Office Building
1975.05.15 Break at Bud’s Red & White (Shop & Save) discovered
1975.05.15 Delegates to Boys’ and Girls’ State from MCI announced
1975.05.15 MCI announces new student council, first in 2 years
1975.05.15 Sportsman show planned for May 31 and June 1, 1975 at Peltoma Fish and Game Building
1975.05.22 Pittsfield Community Theatre plans to open June 2, 1975 through August 1975
1975.06.12 New fire station nearing completion
1975.06.12 Pittsfield Grange plans open house
1975.06.12 Teresa Jaffrey named managing director of Pittsfield Community Theatre
1975.06.26 Embers restaurant closes under Mercier Family June 29, 1975
1975.06.26 Maine Fence Co. granted loan for rebuilding
1975.07.03 Plans for Egg Festival and Kiwanis Karnival set for July 24 through July 26, 1975
1975.07.24 Open House for Fire Department/Station set for July 27, 1975
1975.07.24 Pittsfield bicentennial group gets banner no. 100 to fly at post office through mid-l977
1975.08.14 Unity Raceway gets NASCAR sanction
1975.08.28 Older rural cemeteries get cleaned up
1975.09.11 Fly-In at Pittsfield Municipal Airport. Featured at show is a 1951 Steerman C-3R biplane
1975.09.25 Break in water main on Grove Hill repaired
1975.10.09 Industrial park proposal set for hearing October 21, 1975
1975.10.16 More vandalism at Manson Park
1975.10.27 William Lunt resigns as town manager
1975.10.30 Seldon Martin appointed acting town manager; search for new town manager begins
1975.11.20 Legion in new post home on Middle Street
1975.11.26 Plans for revamping Main Street brought into open
1975.12.11 Arts Club offers #2 in series of commemorative tiles. This one of Lancey House Hotel. #1 was Union Hall
1975.12.11 Fire damages home on corner of Hartland Avenue and Llewellyn Street
1976.01.15 Tommy Wright elected mayor; J. K. Wright elected deputy mayor
1976.01.29 Bicentennial flag presented to MCI by Nancy Fendler, a senior at MCI
1976.01.29 Brent Wakefield fired as highway foreman
1976.01.29 Pipes freeze and break at Warsaw
1976.01.29 Tony Fredrick hired as highway foreman
1976.02.05 Seldon Martin named permanent town manager
1976.02.13 MCI boys in tourney again
1976.02.13 Mel’s Sport Center burns
1976.02.19 MCI vs John Baptist in semifinals.
1976.02.26 MCI vs. John Baptist, MCI win 57-41
1976.02.26 MCI vs. Schenck loss: MCI out of tourney.
1976.03.04 Headmaster Robinson on the job in MCI’s Founder’s Hall.
1976.03.18 Good Box shoe box factory comes to Pittsfield. To locate in space leased from Northeast (now SAS) Shoe Company on Waverly Avenue
1976.04.01 April Fool’s joke for ‘76: $6 million dollar motel (12 story) Marina Complex to be built along Mill Pond on Park Street
1976.04.08 Pittsfield town council rejects right to know order.
1976.04.29 Representative Roosevelt T. Susi announces quest for reelection to Maine House District #92
1976.05.06 Chuck Cianchette candidate for Maine Senate.
1976.05.13 New cedar mill at Don Bishop’s nearing completion.
1976.05.13 Pat Emerson of Townsend, MA, chosen by Library Trustees to succeed Bessie B. Libby as librarian at Pittsfield Public Library.
1976.05.27 Bob Mathews named director at pool
1976.05.27 Hathorn Park bandstand to be used this summer for concerts
1976.06.17 Bessie B. Libby opens summer reading program for last time. Served the public for 25 years.
1976.06.24 Bessie B. Libby given retirement party, was sixth librarian in building’s history
1976.07.15 New office for credit union opened on Sebasticook Street
1976.07.15 Park Committee gives adult Softball players a priority over Youth Center games on same diamonds in Manson Park. Youth games move to field across from Warsaw Junior High
1976.07.15 Pat Emerson takes over as seventh librarian at Pittsfield Public Library.
1976.07.22 Ritchie’s Pizza moves from North Main Street near the river to a new building on South Main Street near the bowling alley
1976.08.02 Teresa Jaffrey leaving post as director of Pittsfield Community Theatre.
1976.09.09 Headmaster Robinson resigns for personal reasons
1976.09.09 Railroad station tile #3 in series still available, completes the set of three tiles offered: (#1Union Hall, #2 Lancey House Hotel).
1976.09.09 Two MCI trustees become interim headmasters
1976.09.23 Church Goods begins expansion construction
1976.09.23 Phillip Richards, ex-headmaster of Fryeburg Academy, named interim headmaster at MCI
1976.09.30 New Egg Festival officers named
1976.10.07 Ground breaking for Pittsfield Industrial Park held
1976.10.07 Patti Stevens new director of Pittsfield Community Theatre
1976.10.21 Athenaeum Club to begin work on railroad station shortly.
1976.10.21 Grant’s Texaco closes
1976.10.21 Pittsfield to be site of satellite YMCA
1976.10.21 Pittsfield town council refuses CBS coverage of election predictions using our voting area
1976.11.11 Newhouse Egg City erects grain mill.
1976.11.18 Background information of Pinnacle Park published
1976.11.18 Face lift at former Maine Central Railroad depot gets underway
1976.11.24 Harry True named new headmaster at MCI
1976.12.16 Patti Stevens resigns as director of Pittsfield Community Theatre
1977.01.20 New sign at Library points out library hours.
1977.01.27 Busing contract signed for SAD #53 for term of 5 years with Raymond Bus Service
1977.02.03 Selden Martin resigns as town manager for Pittsfield
1977.02.17 Scott Fitts new patrol sergeant for Pittsfield Police Dept.
1977.03.24 New town manager hired; name to be announced at later date.
1977.03.24 Satellite YMCA holds meeting; interest high.
1977.03.31 New town manager is Richard Plante, an administrator from Wellfleet, MA.
1977.04.28 Arts Club donates clock to library in name of former trustee Elinor Wilkins who passed away recently
1977.05.12 Helen Burch retires from library assistant’s job after 10 years
1977.05.12 Plans for Park Street project unveiled.
1977.05.19 Town holds hearings on acquiring the former Bijou Theatre
1977.05.26 Bud Dow president of Depot House, Inc.
1977.05.26 Garden Club uses retired Maine Central Railroad Station for plant sale.
1977.05.26 YMCA finds home in same old Maine Central Railroad passenger station.
1977.06.09 Chet Madore did work on window at the depot.
1977.06.09 Town of Pittsfield buys theatre for $24,000.
1977.06.23 Council approves appointment of combined Youth Center director and Town Recreation director, takes in all town summer programs except arts and crafts which were handled by the YMCA. This was the suggestion of Town Manager Plante.
1977.07.07 Spencer Havey confirmed as new police chief for Pittsfield after serving as acting chief since Chief Gurney resigned.
1977.08.04 Fitts Tire Company to move to new industrial Park near I-95.
1977.09.01 Dr. William Cunningham opens dental office in his parent’s home at 112 S. Main St. across from MCI
1977.09.08 Old Texaco gas station on Main Street torn down.
1977.09.26 Lancey House garage to be torn down.
1977.10.20 YMCA move from depot to winter quarters to be announced
1977.10.27 YMCA moves to winter quarters at Bennet Hall on the second floor on Park Street
1977.11.17 Bids accepted for new town office; to be built by Narramissic Engineering Co., Inc. of Bridgewater, MA. Cost $421,000.
1977.12.08 Bridge for snowmobiles over Sebasticook river built by Drift Busters Snowmobile Club
1977.12.08 Death of Bessie B. Libby, former librarian at Pittsfield for 25 year announced.
1977.12.22 Life long resident of Pittsfield, Earle N. Vickery, Age 91 passes away.
1977.12.22 Susanna Ventura hired as new theatre manager
1978.01.05 Bottle deposit law goes into effect (January 1, 1978)
1978.01.12 Windstorm damage reported in Pittsfield along with power outages and minor flooding from hurricane-like conditions
1978.02.02 Carriage Inn to be sold at auction.
1978.02.09 Carriage Inn sold at auction for $225,000; buyer unknown.
1978.03.09 Construction begins on Parkview Apts. for the elderly
1978.03.23 Pat Emmerson resigns from Pittsfield Public Library.
1978.05.04 Carriage Inn opens for business under new owner
1978.05.04 Earl Bulley’s death announced; drove taxi in Pittsfield for 16 years
1978.06.08 JC’s open hot dog stand on corner of Main and Easy Streets on Friday 4:30 – 8:00 P.M.
1978.06.08 JC’s work on Hathorn Park Bandstand that is in need of repair;
1978.06.08 Letter informs town of Pittsfield that the retired MCRR passenger station is nominated for the National Register of Historic Places.
1978.06.08 MCI baseball coach/teacher David Mosher retires
1978.06.29 Sandra Jarmak of Augusta to be new librarian at Pittsfield Public Library as of 08.1978
1978.07.06 Alder Run Kennel opens
1978.07.20 Frank Raye at 99 years old is Pittsfield’s oldest citizen.
1978.08.03 Joseph Herman Shoe Co. opens in the old A & P Building on Main Street
1978.08.03 Parkview Apts. open for public inspection.
1978.08.24 Addition for Truth Tabernacle Church to be dedicated
1978.09.04 Richard Ingraham manager of Radio Shack franchise located in the Fitts Tire Company Building at the Industrial Park.
1978.09.07 Fire destroys interior of Western Auto Store on Main Street, cause not determined.
1978.09.21 Municipal quit claim deed issued to MCI for properties on east side of Main Street Map 38, lot 25 traded for municipal quit claim deed on property west of I-95 Map 8, lot 46 and property off Hartland Ave. and Waverley Ave. described as map 8 lot 86 and remove from tax list properties described as Map 8 Lots 46, 86, 47, and 47A (Valley Times September 21, 1978 p.10)
1978.09.21 Sandra Jarmak on duty as of September 5, 1978 as new librarian at Pittsfield Public Library
1978.09.21 Work being done on library roof.
1978.09.26 Stride-Rite Division of Joseph Herman Shoe Company to build plant in the Industrial Park.
1978.10.05 Citgo gas station under new management. Ray Whitney, the former owner, turns keys of building over to Charles and Rae Philbrick, the new owners.
1978.10.05 MCI football has new scoreboard in Manson Park over by wading pool
1978.10.12 Water situation critical! Pumping from the Sebasticook River to a temporary holding pond created by the well on Peltoma Ave.
1978.11.02 Work progressing on Stride-Rite plant in the Industrial Park.
1978.11.09 MCI Alumni Office moves to Bryant House from Founders Hall.
1978.11.16 Ski sale to be held at the old MCRR passenger station
1978.11.16 Western Auto reopens
1978.11.22 MCI Key Club works on the ski jump at the Pinnacle
1979.01.11 Town employees move town government again. This time back to town center in new town hall on Park Street
1979.01.25 Pinnacle Hut to be remodeled as a memorial to the late Byron ‘Bud’ Dow (Valley Times pp 1 and 4)
1979.02.01 Pinnacle expansion response Valley Times, p. 10.
1979.02.15 Stride-Rite moves into their new building in the Industrial Park.
1979.03.15 Mayor Vigue resigns due to change in job status; moving to Maryland In April
1979.04.15 Open house for new Municipal Building
1979.05.03 Headmaster True resigns at MCI and returns to Fryburg Academy
1979.05.10 Old Town Office Building and contents to be sold by sealed bids May 12, 1979
1979.05.31 Slogan for Pittsfield’s Urban Renewal Project: Pittsfield: sunny side up!
1979.06.07 Barney’s opens in West Pittsfield on Shores of Sibley Pond, owned by Barney and Ann McGowan.
1979.06.07 Plans shown for the ‘new’ east side of Main St. by Somerset Group
1979.06.21 Cable TV franchise to be decided on soon.
1979.06.28 New glass doors put on Library to complete renovation to lobby area which includes opening of the dome area
1979.06.28 YMCA reopens Saturday for the summer at the old Maine Central Railroad passenger depot
1979.07.12 Better Cable TV awarded franchise
1979.08.02 Richard Walker, former site coordinator of UMO Teacher Corps, will assume duties as headmaster of MCI
1979.08.09 U Dag Grant approved urban renewal of Pittsfield Main Street to begin in Spring of 1980
1979.08.13 Hobby horses (wooden/ fiberglass merry-go-round type horses on heavy springs) installed at playground in Hathorn Park
1979.08.13 Manson Park to replace an old wooden merry go round that was destroyed in a snowmobile accident some time ago
1979.08.23 Bank of Maine N.A. to locate in Pittsfield, location to be announced
1979.08.23 Greg Faulkner is Little League homerun king, hitting most homeruns, including three in one game.
1979.08.23 Susanna Ventura to resign as theatre manager. Will stay until end of September
1979.09.04 Water report issued to council by Richard Dutting of K & D.
1979.09.13 Wreckers ball starts work on east side of Main Street 09.28.1979.
1979.09.27 Spire goes onto Congregational Church on Park Street
1979.10.04 Demolition of Pizzarena Building first to come down
1979.10.04 Mike Grey joins Lehr Insurance Agency.
1979.10.04 Richard Susi named new assistant manager at Fitts Tire/Radio Shack Department
1979.10.25 IGA Supermarket set to open 10.30.1979 in Somerset Plaza
1979.10.25 Pinky’s Floral Shop opens in plaza 12.01.1979
1979.12.06 Gerry Cowan appointed theatre director
1979.12.06 New Ambulance to arrive next week
1980.01.03 New window blinds purchased for the library by the Arts Club and installed by the Curtain Shop in Waterville
1980.01.24 Conservation measures go into effect at MCI
1980.01.31 Bank of Maine, N.A. opens temporary office on Central Street, near the Legion Hall
1980.02.14 Bank of Maine, N.A. to open in permanent location March 3, 1980
1980.03.13 Retired Maine Central Railroad passenger depot now on National Historic Register of Places (Valley Times p.1)
1980.03.20 LaVerdiere’s opens store #2 in Somerset Plaza, Pittsfield.
1980.04.24 Wright’s Drug Store demolished.
1980.05.08 Bike-a-thon underway, 15 miles to be pedaled for St. Jude’s Hospital.
1980.05.08 Council accepts K & D report datedAugust 1979
1980.05.15 J. R. Cianchette passes away; owned at one time the theatre, the Lancey House, and Pittsfield Advertiser Co.; built Dow Air Force Base (now known as Bangor International Airport); Pittsfield Airport, and the access road to Loring AFB during World War II
1980.11.13 Founders Hall at MCI named to National Register of Historic Places
1980.11.13 MCI wins class B soccer championship
1980.11.20 Cable TV installation proceeding
1980.11.20 Valley Times moved into new quarters and are settling in
1980.11.26 Mark Cianchette to reopen Carriage Inn.
1980.12.11 T. J.’s Sportswear now open for business as of December 8, 1980
1980.12.18 Ben Franklin store coming to Pittsfield at the Plaza soon
1981.01.08 Doug Wright reelected mayor of Pittsfield
1981.01.08 Jasper Wyman elected deputy mayor
1981.01.15 Warsaw Junior High School gets new wrestling mat
1981.01.22 Maynard Dalgren retires from barber shop, sells business to Ashley Parker.
1981.01.22 Mike Quigley elected to fill Mr. Demer’s seat
1981.01.22 Old Valley Times/Pittsfield Advertiser Building (circa 1800) to be torn down
1981.01.22 Pat McGowan elected to State House of Representatives
1981.01.22 Ron Rice resigns from council along with Councilman John Demer
1981.01.22 Special election to be held to fill Mr. Rice’s seat
1981.01.29 Dr. Flint C. Reid comes to Pittsfield to replace retiring Dr. Robert Parker, O.D. on April 1,1981
1981.02.05 Carriage Inn to reopen under a Mr. Shapiro
1981.02.19 Tookie Russell retires as girls’ basketball coach at MCI, after 22 years
1981.03.05 Dedication of Bud Dow Room at Pinnacle to be held
1981.03.19 Sandi Jarmak certified as librarian by Maine Library Association
1981.03.19 Sebasticook Valley Hospital to produce an annual report to communities on services and financial bottom line
1981.03.19 Steve Salley wins special election to fill vacant council seat
1981.03.21 Ollie Faulkner new pool director for summer ’81.
1981.03.26 Dedication of Bud Dow Room at Pinnacle held
1981.03.26 Fire truck purchase on hold
1981.03.26 Mayor Doug Wright resigns effective March 24, 1981
1981.03.26 Special election to be held to fill mayoral vacancy
1981.04.02 Richard P. Berry, Jr., joins family profession and business
1981.04.02 Rusty refuse hauled from Mill Pond
1981.04.09 Request by council for extra $16,000 needed on new fire truck voted down. New Truck not to exceed $60,000
1981.04.30 Ben Franklin Store to open May 7, 1981
1981.04.30 Trailer park on Sebasticook Street closed
1981.05.07 Embers Restaurant to be sold May 15, 1981
1981.05.14 Ben Franklin Store now open
1981.05.14 Certificate now replaces Boston Post Cane which was not returned to the Town of Pittsfield after the last holder passed away
1981.05.21 Lehr Insurance Agency moving to new quarters
1981.05.28 Lehr Building (the old one) to move to Skowhegan near Skowhegan Fire Station
1981.06.18 Greg Wright takes seat on council following special election.
1981.06.18 Steps being taken to oust current town manager
1981.06.25 Former Embers Restaurant reopens as Dominick’s, Elaine Caron, Manager
1981.06.25 Housing project on Sebasticook Street begins construction
1981.07.02 Tennis Courts in Manson Park open for business, dedication to take place July 2, 1981 at 7p.m.
1981.07.30 Deputy Town Manager Steve Grant also resigned at once in view of preliminary Council Resolution 81-20, Removal of Town Manager
1981.07.30 Egg Festival #9 over and deemed successful.
1981.07.30 Town Manager Richard Plante resigns.
1981.08.06 Leonard Dow, Pittsfield’s Development Officer, appointed acting town manager and acting tax collector
1981.08.06 Linda Gustafson named new library director.
1981.08.20 Eight people said to be interested in the town manager’s position.
1981.09.03 Radio Shack moves out of Fitts Tire Company and into the Somerset Plaza.
1981.09.17 Fred Wilmeth appointed Town Manager to Start September 21, 1981
1981.10.01 Deaths of Dominick F. Susi and son Guy Susi are announced.
1981.10.22 Death of C. G. Beattie, owner of C. G. Beattie & Son noted
1981.12.31 Plans for renovation of Weymouth Hall at MCI announced. Work to be done by Cianbro Corp. in Spring of ’82
1981.12.31 Town Manager Wilmeth resigns to accept post in Australia
1982.01.28 Plans for new gym at MCI announced
1982.02.25 Shirley Hanson, Pittsfield town clerk, now acting town manager and acting tax collector
1982.03.18 Eugene Moyers appointed town manager; to begin duties March 22, 1982
1982.04.01 Carriage Inn (again) reopens under new management
1982.04.01 Valley Times/Pittsfield Advertiser turns 100 years old
1982.04.08 Tastee-Freeze under new owner: Nancy McGinnis
1982.04.15 Asa E. Ladd, 94, retires from gun smithing (began here in 1909), a job of 36 years
1982.04.22 History of the building known as the Grammar School and 3 N. Lancey Street documented by Trudy Humphrey (Valley Times pp.1 and 11)
1982.06.03 Pittsfield Town Council ponders future of the Pittsfield Historical Society
1982.07.15 Renovations of Weymouth Hall At MCI underway
1982.10.07 Weymouth Hall renovations completed; building to be dedicated October 19, 1982.
1982.10.14 Pittsfield town dump given reprieve from closing on September 15.
1982.10.21 Death of Anthony Cirillo, attorney at law, announced
1982.10.21 Formal Rededication of Weymouth Hall held
1982.10.21 MCI had marching band and color guard that played at football games
1982.10.21 Pinnacle Ski club to have annual clean-up and pot luck supper
1982.10.21 Town of Pittsfield signs contract with Tim Sample to do mural at Pittsfield Public Library
1982.10.28 Racquet ball comes to Plaza Fitness Center at Somerset Plaza
1982.11.04. American Legion Post #32 changes name to Burns W. Knowlton, Jr., Post #32.
1982.11.04. Water conservation urged
1982.11.18 Postmaster William Bolger visits town
1982.12.02 Gayle Elias of Benton chosen new Egg Festival queen. Queen chosen in July did not meet qualifications and was disqualified.
1982.12.04 Tim Sample working on mural in library dome
1982.12.09 Transfer station for solid waste disposal officially opens
1983.01.13 Jane Woodruff sworn in as new Mayor of Pittsfield, first woman mayor in Pittsfield’s history
1983.01.13 MCI to offer wrestling on the high school level for first time
1983.01.27 Official unveiling of library mural set for February 5, 1983 at 1 p.m.
1983.01.27 Sebasticook Valley Hospital awarded full accreditation.
1983.02.10 Plans for new gym at MCI unveiled.
1983.03.03 Western Auto Building divided: front half is now a law office and the rear half is Western Auto Store.
1983.03.10 LaVerdiere’s closing downtown Pittsfield store
1983.03.17 Sebasticook Valley Hospital observes 20th birthday
1983.03.31 Pittsfield Public Library increases user fees: Fines for reference material is $0.25 per book per day, non resident fee $5.00/year (Resident is defined as S.A.D. #53), Room Reservation $20.00
1983.03.31 V.I.P. Auto Center (store) comes to Pittsfield; opens on Main Street in old LaVerdiere’s Drug Store location (corner of Main St. and central Streets).
1983.04.21 Historical room artifacts from library transferred to new Depot House Museum, Inc. by members of MCI.’s Key Club
1983.04.28 Library now on National Historic Register of Places
1983.04.28 Minor flooding of river noted. Manson Park temporarily renamed Manson Lake (Note this was a warning of what was to come in April of 1987.)
1983.05.05 Craig Home Center sold to Emery Waterhouse Company
1983.05.05 Friends of the Library Group formed
1983.05.05 Shirley Hanson retiring from town office in June of 1983.
1983.05.05 Town Manager Gene Moyers resigns.
1983.05.05 V.I.P. auto center opens
1983.05.19 Kiwanis Club works on pool for second week.
1983.05.26 Pittsfield Historical Society sets grand opening date for new town museum for June 4, 1983.
1983.05.26 Vietnam Veterans Memorial to be established at Pittsfield Village Cemetery
1983.06.02 Flea Market Day Saturday
1983.06.02 Plants placed in window boxes at museum by Garden Club.
1983.06.09 Artist’s conception of new MCI gym unveiled
1983.06.09 Pool to open June 20, 1983 and close August 13, 1983, Mrs. Lee LeRoy, Pool Director
1983.06.09 Shirley Hanson appointed assistant town manager until either a new town manager is hired or an interim town manager is appointed
1983.06.09 Town Manager Moyers resigns
1983.06.16 Earle Stevens appointed interim town manager
1983.06.16 Grammar School closes for the summer and forever as town consolidates grades in other schools; building to be sold by district
1983.06.16 Pool painted by Kiwanis members and the children
1983.06.23 Eric Thompson elected governor at Boys’ State.
1983.07.21 New teen (13-16 years old) female softball league formed. Competes in P.V.C.-South
1983.07.28 D. Dwight Dougherty, Jr., named new town manager
1983.08.18 Formation of MCI Hall of Fame announced
1983.08.18 Marie Pennock hired as new town clerk
1983.09.01 Plans for Kiwanis auction and advertisement for articles to be given to Kiwanis for auction noted.
1983.09.29 Tuesday Club celebrates 90 years of service and fellowship to Pittsfield
1983.10.13 Plans for old Grammar School up in air. School board takes no action at this time
1983.10.20 MCI in class B soccer playoff’s.
1983.11.03 Meet the Council Candidates featured in local paper
1983.11.10 Northeast Shoe Co. closing in December
1983.11.10 Tookie Russell honored for 25 years of service as field hockey coach (was also basketball and softball coach as well as athletic director at MCI
1983.11.17 Budget tax plan endorsed by town council
1983.12.22 Land record for distance broken in category of archery as a 4′ arrow shot from a catapult went 457′ on first try, and 533′ on second try. All happened in Manson Park.
1984.01.19 Ski lessons and races start at Pinnacle.
1984.01.26 Fingerprinting clinic held for children as part of Child Find Program that locates lost or missing children.
1984.02.09 Grammar School offered to Town of Pittsfield.
1984.03.01 San Antonio Shoe Co. coming to Pittsfield.
1984.03.22 Late P.R. for Pinnacle Ski Club Supper for adult members of the club
1984.03.29 Headmaster Walker resigns from MCI
1984.04.12 Maine Gas moves to plaza as part of Home Entertainment Center
1984.05.17 Central Maine Paving opens for business
1984.05.24 Ralph Baxter new headmaster at MCI
1984.05.24 Sebasticook Valley Dairy begins selling Oakhurst Dairy Milk Products instead of own in-house brand of milk products.
1984.05.31 Rev. Albert Q. Perry retires from First Universalist Church for health reasons
1984.06.07 Boy Scout camporee that was to be held in Manson Park canceled due to rain
1984.06.07 Local group has plans for old Grammar School
1984.06.21 Council O.K.’s sale of Grammar School to private group
1984.06.21 Pool opens for season.
1984.06.28 Paul W. Burke, M.D. of Newport passes away. Was charter member of the medical staff at Sebasticook Valley Hospital
1984.07.12 Headmaster Baxter assumes office
1984.07.12 O. Ames Mill in Palmyra to rebuild after a major fire.
1984.07.19 MCI Alumni Office returned to Founders Hall
1984.07.26 Egg Festival underway
1984.08.09 MCI reunion deemed successful again.
1984.08.16 MCI undertakes improvement project.
1984.08.23 Pool closes after successful season.
1984.09.06 Attempted murder/suicide on Nichols Street
1984.09.06 Renovations begin at Grammar School
1984.09.13 Joseph Hermon Shoe Company closes doors for good
1984.09.13 Second (in one year) attempted murder/suicide, this time on Hartland Avenue
1984.09.20 Attorney Alfred P. Bachrach moves to Somerset Avenue in old Elias storefront.
1984.10.04 Water system concerns raised
1984.10.11 Park Street Market owned by Dave and Sue Mercier now called Mill Pond Market
1984.10.11 Pittsfield to host Boy Scout camporee
1984.10.18 MCI football team disbanded, reasons given are training violations and accidental ineligibility cited
1984.10.25 Sebasticook Valley Hospital ambulance bombed by a pumpkin on a run with a patient aboard.
1984.11.08 Hancock Lumber Co. to buy old chair factory
1984.11.15 Elks begin to organize in Pittsfield
1984.11.15 Hancock Lumber Company to seek grant for purchase of old chair factory
1984.11.21 Credit Union expands building
1984.11.21 Open house held at 3 North Lancey Street (old Grammar School)
1984.11.21 Stride-Rite Shoe announces closing of the Hermon Shoe Co. factory
1984.12.06 Comprehensive plan adopted by Town of Pittsfield.
1984.12.20 Renovations begin at Carriage Inn
1984.12.20 Robert Williams joins Maine State Police
1985.01.10 Better Cable TV to close Pittsfield office
1985.01.17 Dysart’s and Varney’s Western Auto closing for good
1985.01.24 Carol and Marland Soucy move from Maine Gas Building on Hartland Ave. to Home Entertainment Center (Radio Shack) in the Somerset Plaza
1985.02.13 Valley Times newspaper announces price increase to $0.30 effective February 21, 1985.
1985.03.14 New ownership/management of Valley Times newspaper and Royal Printing Co.(former parent company of the Valley Times) announced.
1985.03.21 Lifeline program goes active in Pittsfield
1985.04.03 Maine Central Railroad right of way discussed. Proposal by the railroad turned down as too expensive. Lack of deeds to property affected by right of way (Most was taken is eminent domain proceedings many years ago. Original owners of property either moved away or have passed away and advertising for heirs and assigns in every newspaper in the U.S.A. deemed too expensive. Town tells current owners of adjacent property that town will issue municipal quit claim deeds to the property in question, but, owners will have to negotiate with the railroad.) given as reasons
1985.04.03 Town awarded grant for Hancock Lumber Co.
1985.04.10 Welby Drug Store opens in Newport Plaza in Newport.
1985.04.24 Summit ash and Norway columnar maple trees planted along Main Street by Gordon Construction Co.
1985.05.01 MCI unbeaten in softball
1985.05.01 Search underway for Egg Festival Scholarship Pageant contestants
1985.05.09 Council recommends more parking restrictions
1985.05.09 Largest fireworks show planned for Egg Festival
1985.05.09 Northeast Travel opens office at 3 N. Lancey Street
1985.05.09 Town of Pittsfield in good financial shape
1985.05.16 Pittsfield Cycle Shop opens; William Varney owner/operator.
1985.05.30 $20,000 damage done to Wood Briar motel
1985.05.30 Arey C. Bryant leaves postmaster’s job in Pittsfield for similar position in Rockland.
1985.06.06 Ryan Fendler second Life Member of Pittsfield Historical Society.
1985.06.06 Wood Briar reopens as a retirement resort
1985.06.13 Hancock Lumber Co. announces that it is coming to Pittsfield in near future.
1985.06.27 Pool being hot topped, sealed and painted. Also new filter system being put in, according to Dennis Glidden, Pool Director
1985.08.01 T. J.’s Sportswear featured in an article on Terry and Jan McGowan, owners/operators.
1985.08.22 Linda Gustafson leaves Pittsfield Public Library.
1985.08.29 William C. Mann takes over at Pittsfield post office as postmaster.
1985.09.12 Progress coming on building of a McDonald’s Restaurant in Newport.
1985.09.19 Carol C. Nicholson takes helm as new librarian at Pittsfield Public Library effective September 16, 1985.
1985.11.21 Construction begins on water tank on the Phillips Corner Road
1985.11.21 Redman Pet Care opens in Pittsfield at old Newhouse Egg City site.
1985.11.27 Fire destroys barn on Ell Hill and American Legion post home on Middle St.
1985.12.03 Montgomery Ward catalog store closes doors forever.
1985.12.18 Ground breaking held for new gym at MCI.
1985.12.18 McDonald’s announces grand opening at Newport restaurant December 21, 1985.
1985.12.31 MCI band plays at McDonald’s grand opening.
1986.01.08 Wood Briar closes, cites vacancies and overhead as reasons.
1986.01.15 Pittsfield fire department hurting in area of equipment with only two vehicles available for use; new fire truck on order.
1986.02.12 Sebasticook Valley Hospital lays off 21 staff members, money (cash flow) cited as reason.
1986.03.12 Fire at the Wood Briar Retirement Center under investigation by fire marshall’s office.
1986.03.19 Newport News to merge with Valley Times.
1986.03.26 Dr. Ernest W. Stein, M.D. retires from practice
1986.03.26 New fire truck approved, cost $100,646.
1986.03.26 Pinnacle fund group has fund raiser at theatre.
1986.04.02 Construction underway on new Legion home.
1986.04.02 Headmaster Baxter resigns effective 6.27.86.
1986.04.16 Berry’s Pharmacy bought out by Welby’s Drug Stores, Div. of Hannaford Bros. grocery chain of Portland, Maine.
1986.04.30 Dominicks reopens. Was Embers Restaurant under Dave Mercier.
1986.05.07 Screen at old Mid-Way drive-in theater torn down, end of an era.
1986.06.04 Doug Cummings hired as new headmaster to replace Ralph Baxter, who resigned.
1986.06.25 David Mosher, head of math department, varsity baseball coach, faculty supervisor of winter carnival retires
1986.06.25 Pool has to be refilled after break in water main allows pool to become contaminated with rusty water.
1986.06.25 Retired Maine Central Railroad caboose No. 582-R arrives in Pittsfield (first spotted on tracks down behind old Staples Oil Co., area of Mid State Gas Co. Later respotted on old spur siding for old Wirthmore feed store (Better Homes Building). Later moved by crane and channel iron to current location beside Museum.)
1986.06.25 Sharon K. Mack becomes editor of Valley Times
1986.07.23 Wood Briar fire ruled arson by fire marshall’s office; not enough evidence to provide an arrest.
1986.07.30 P.O.P. (Popular Opera of Pittsfield) visits with their version of Pirates of Penzance.
1986.08.06 Homstead family donates $15,000 to MCI Gym Fund.
1986.08.06 Shorette’s Diner, Rt. 100 at the triangle in Newport, closes after 28 years of service.
1986.08.13 Pittsfield police department’s new cruiser totaled in accident on I-95 while assisting State police with road block duty.
1986.08.27 Wrights Emporium burns. Deemed accidental.
1986.10.08 Buttermilk Dounut Shop opens in old Fitt’s Tire/Montgomery Ward Building on Middle St.
1986.11.12 Home Entertainment Center (Radio Shack) sold to Albert and Elaine Hadley.
1986.11.26 Wood Briar remains to be torn down.
1986.11.26 Wright’s Emporium back in business.
1986.12.10 T.J.’s Sportswear expands at Pittsfield location.
1987.01.07 Flint C. Reid restores 1880’s Mansion at #1 Main St., Pittsfield.
1987.01.14 Two big snowstorms hit Mid-Maine area during weekend of January 9/10, 1987
1987.02.23 Welby’s Drug Store Pittsfield to close soon. Economics cited as factor (actual reason was that Pittsfield store was drawing customers away from Newport store that just opened.)
1987.03.18 Valley Times suspends publication with issue of March 18, 1987. Paper folds after 100 years of service to Pittsfield and Sebasticook Valley area. Paper sold to Eastern Gazette of Dexter, Maine subscribers will get copies of Dexter paper as balance of their subscription.

Many thanks to Don Hallenbeck of the Pittsfield Historical Society for the many hours required
to put together this document of Pittsfield’s Important Dates.

Original Version: 8-Mar-2005

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