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Fendler Park
(Mill Pond Park)

Views of the Park in April, 2005.

In 2002, the Fendler Park (Mill Pond Park) project was begun. The Mill Pond Task Force had until June 1, 2005 to complete the renovation of a former trailer park into a public garden complete with walkways, a drinking fountain, parking lot and picnic tables and benches.

In 2005 the Town began developing a two acre park along Mill Pond off Sebasticook Street on land generously donated by the Fendler Family. This new facility is being developed through the generous donation of time, energies, and in-kind construction gifts which compliment a $50,000 Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant that the Town received from the State Department of Conservation.

Photos, taken from opposite ends of the park, are from April, 2005.

Original Version: 31-Jan-06.

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