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We thank these folks for this website…

Our greatest thanks needs to be directed towards the dozens of Pittsfield residents who, over the past two centuries, have recorded and reported upon scenes and events in our town. Without their efforts each era of the history of Pittsfield would fade with the passing of each generation. With their help, however, we are able to recount images and stories of how we got here, of what has come before any living memory can recall. This website is an effort to continue telling that story to future generations. Our apologies to those contributors who we may have omitted through oversight.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Brenda Seekins, author of Sebasticook Valley (for many photos, written histories and articles, and for Milestones and Memories which she compiled, researched and wrote), Wendy Sewell (various photos), Thomas Hopkins (photos), Ermine Trecartin (1972 Tour of Pittsfield photos), Bud Homstead (photo collection), Kathie Belanger (headstone inscriptions and photos), Pam Mitchell (postcards collection, etc), Betty Packard (Flood of ’87 photo collection), Ken Coons (for sending us the Rev. Leroy Wilson Coons photo collection).

SCANNING PHOTOS & DOCUMENTS: Keith Wells, Sr., Kathy Palmer, Pam Mitchell, Tom Roberts, and Tom Brown. Note: Many of these documents have within them their own credits for their creation, which we do not repeat here.

SPECIAL THANKS for helping put this website together goes to:

Keith Wells, Sr. for:

  • Scanning dozens of old photos of Pittsfield (and colorizing some), then uploading them to his Facebook page where we grabbed them for use here.

Tom Brown for:

  • scanning The Woolen Mills of Pittsfield and creation of it’s Index;
  • scans of A. J. Loder’s Souvenir of Pittsfield ME 1907 and creation of it’s Table of Contents;
  • text and photo scanning of Sanger Cook’s Pittsfield on the Sebasticook, creation of it’s first Index, and expanding the Table of Contents;
  • scanning and converting to text several newspaper articles posted here.
  • scanning photographs in the Society’s collection.

Kathy Palmer for:

  • scanning photographs from the Society’s collection
  • creating the cemetery listings;
  • getting the website started years ago on RootsWeb.

Russ Cox for:

  • designing our new PHS logo.
  • designing the “Birds Eye View of Pittsfield” poster as a fundraiser.

Thomas Hopkins for photos for the 2005 Calendar and of the PHS members in front of Depot Museum.

Don Hallenbeck for compilation of Pittsfield’s Important Dates, and adding and correcting general historical information.

Tom Roberts for taking gravestone photos, and the creation, editing, and maintenance of this website.

Looking for a different Pittsfield?
This website is about Pittsfield, Maine. We don’t know much about the other Pittsfields around the country, but below are some links to their historical info. Hope this helps.

Pittsfield, New Hampshire
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Pittsfield, Illinois
Pittsfield, Vermont


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