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Church of the Nazarene

Central Street
Mailing Address: 200 Central St., Pittsfield, ME 04967
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www.pittsfieldnazarene.org/ (address is empty as of 12-Dec-2016)

Church of the Nazarene on February 27, 2005.

Church of the Nazarene on February 27, 2005.

Sanger Cook wrote in his 1965 book Pittsfield on the Sebasticook . . . “In 1949 the congregation purchased the Leon Moody property at the corner of Somerset Avenue and Forest Street and for ten years worshipped within the walls of this home which had undergone considerable renovation. In 1959 a church edifice was erected on the property, most of the labor being furnished by members of the congregation. It was dedicated in 1960. Carl Emery served as Chairman of the parish and Mrs. Emery acted as Treasurer.In 2002 the outside of the church was re-sided and painted, again as volunteer work by the congregation.

“The first pastor was Rev. Ransford Webb who was followed by Rev. Paul Neal. Rev. Ray Blachly and then Rev. Harley E. Bye are remembered as two very able pastors who were succeeded by Rev. Zaven Donhanian.”

Original Version was: 27-Nov-05.

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