Calvary Baptist Church

Calvary Baptist Church, Aug. 2011

573 N Main St., Pittsfield, Maine 04967
Phone (207) 487-5569
Scott Millett (Pastor)
Ron Cunningham, Pastor
Ted Bragg, Pastor.

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Founded in 1950, Calvary Baptist Church Inc is a small organization located in Pittsfield, ME.

Sanger Cook wrote in his 1965 book Pittsfield on the Sebasticook . . . “The Calvary Baptist church was organized February 11, 1952 and affiliated with the Conservative Baptist in 1955. In 1954 they purchased the building which they now occupy on Park Street and converted the first floor into a very serviceable place of worship. Under the leadership of Rev. John Boone from 1952 to 1958, the denomination experienced a vigorous growth which has continued during the pastorate of Rev. Charles Mason. During 1958 and 59 the church provided a home for the newly organized Christian School, Inc., which later moved to a spacious campus on the outskirts of Rockland. The Rev. Harold Duff, with the cooperation of state leaders in the denomination, was an inspirational leader in this movement. Today further expansion is planned for the local church on property that has recently been purchased on Grove Hill—property that the Episcopal group once planned to use for church premises.”

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